is comodo fw pro being dragged down?

as a avid user and supporter of comodo fw pro, i am afraid comodo fw pro maybe dragged by the complaints i see regarding comodo boclean and comodo av. on the other hand maybe cxomodo fw pro will enhance the other two programs in the eyes of potential users. darth

They are completely different products. One was just bought, one is STILL in beta, and only one is actually founded. They should, as such, be treated differently.

Well, Comodo AV has a far far (far far far) way to go before even being any good at all. Just read the test at (Test of other Anti-Virus products, February 2007). 27% detection rate.
Doesn’t matter as there’s AntiVir (free editon) which is very good.

Though I don’t think it affects CFP reputation.

The plan is that all Comodo’s products become top notch, but that’s not going to happen in a day’s time. CAVS is in beta stage but if Comodo made one of the best firewalls around they sure can make good AV and AS, provided they are able to fund the endeavour.