Is Comodo Firewall Pro compatible with Spyware Terminator?

I have Comodo Firewal Pro and Spyware Terminator installed in my home PC equipped with Windows Vista Home Basic.

At each startup, I note that the icon of Comodo Firewall Pro (basic firewall only) always appears on the system tray after those of Spyware Terminator (real-time shield enabled), avast! Home Edition 4.7.1098 and WinPatrol 14.0.2007.1.

I am puzzled if Comodo Firewall Pro works compatible with Spyware Terminator. This may sometimes affect the network connection.

Will anyone have the same problem?


This is normal. Happens to me also. Comodo is always the last thing to appear on your sys tray but it still is protection in boot up. (CLY)

Hi, Vettetech

Thanks for your advice.



Doesn’t the HIPS in Spyware Terminator conflict with th HIPS in Defense+ ?

Do I need to disable anything?

No need to run ST in real time mode so disable ST real time mode. I use SuperAntiSpyware in real time mode and it only uses 400K.

Why not? I heard it’s quite good!

Not as good as SAS. Read the reviews. Also ST is a product as Crawler which was a known spyware site.

Don’t know what a Crawler excactly means (i’m greek), but it sounded pretty bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I would go fof SAS, the only problem it’s not free…
And I would also go for BOClean, but had many problems with the 4.25 version on Vista.

So what free realtime protection would u suggest?

SAS has a free edition. If you want real time protection then all you need to spend is $19.95 for LIFE. Not just a year like most.

I use ST without problems.SAS also has a dark u know? :smiley:
SAS use only 404 of RAM, but a lot of CPU. I tested SAS, and well, only a few of RAM but my system slow down, why? Task Manager and CPU use of SAS…
I use ST(without HIPS, i ptrefer Hips of CFP v3) for real time with CBOClean(of course) and SAS on demand.

I can remember when Ad-Aware SE was sold with a life-time licence, well, when Ad-Aware 2007 came out, goodbye lifetime licence, simply one year licence of new version,hehehe.
If your bussiness is AS products, there are a lot of competitors and you sell lifetime products, you must to sell a lot of licences because if you don’t do it, goodbye company.

So the only thing I have to do, is uncheck the HIPS box.