Is Comodo causing Outlook problem "Contacting server for information"?

Windows 7 service pack 1 pc with Comodo - Microsoft Outlook 2007

Lately I have a serious problem with Outlook 2007:
I receive many mails with pictures/links (an example where I had the issue today is Cesar Milan’s newsletter)
When I try to open this mail I get a popup saying “Contacting server for information”
At that point I can’t do anything anymore - not even close Outlook.
I need to use task manager to kill my outlook.

I have had the problem a few times these last weeks and can solve it by using system restore.
When I google this problem I find lots of posts about the same issue (also in recent Outlook) but no solution.
So now I am trying to figure what causes this to happen.
I had the issue today but not 2 days ago.
I returned to an image of 2 days ago and issue was solved.
I did no Microsoft/Windows update in the meantime but there was a Comodo update.

Could this have something to do with recent ransomware attacks and protection against it?

Why would it be Comodo issue if you had this problem before the Comodo update? I assume you’re talking about the VirusScope recognizer update in which you can disable VirusScope to see if it helps.

You ask me why I think it is a Comodo issue.
I had the issue on 18/5 - I went back to a restore point made on 14/5.
I had it again 24/5 and solved it by going back to 22/5.
I did not do anything special between 22/5 and 24/5 - certainly no Windows Update.
I never do Office updates.
The only thing that did happen is that I got a pop-up from Comodo telling me there was an update.
I let it run (restart pc needed).

I am now waiting for the pop-up to appear again.
I will then first check my Outlook - run the update and if I have the issue after that I can be sure.

Is there somewhere in my Comodo where I can look what happened 17/18 and 23/24?

As with my other problem (;msg860549#msg860549) I did not get much help for my problem.
After 2 weeks of trying all sorts of things non-Comodo related I finaly returned to an image before installation of Comodo 10.
No more problems. I then installed Comodo 10 again and changed nothing else and the problem was back.
I again returned to Comodo 8 and no more problems.
So I am quite sure the cause is with Comodo.

I read on the internet there are problems with Geek Buddy.
My problems might be linked to that. I have now installed Comodo 10 3 or 4 times (on the Windows 7 and Vista) and never saw an option not to install Geek Buddy or Comodo Dragon

Half way down the page - Components under Step 2

Thanks Ploget -
I had just found a post in the forum here :
I never saw the tab.
I have been using Comodo for years and do not read installation manual anymore.
I will now uninstall Comodo and re-install it as described.
Thanks anyway for responding!