Is Comodo AV blocking video content on Facebook ?


Video clips on facebook do not load, is this due a blocking from Comodo Antivirus ?
On there is no problem, video’s are playing well, only on Facebook seems to be blocked

How to fix


With what browser is this happening? Can you check if you have the latest Flash Player installed at the Adobe test page: ?

I am using Firefox 26 with the latest Flash

You have version 11,9,900,170 installed

All i see is a white window instead of a video playing

Can you check the plugin section of Firefox and see if Flash Player is allowed?

When did this start happening? Were there any changes made to your system before it started to happen?

Okay did an uninstall off firefox and reinstalled FF Problem solved ! :slight_smile:

It started today on facebook and Comodo AV was installed Yesterday !? …


Sometimes a clean installation of an application that gets updated often can “work miracles”.

Could it be due to PrivDog as the OP installed CIS & PrivDog comes with it?

I have Privdog installed on FF and Flash content gets played on youtube.

Bad news

Did a test yesterday, uninstalled Comodo & installed again … guess what ? I had the Problem again with FF !!! >:-D
Sorry but this goes above my head, that an AV causing this kind of issues …

I’m not going any further with comodo av, uninstalled it … to recyclebin … :-TD


Do you have the Privdog extension installed? If not, please try disabling only the AV component and see if that changes anything.

To me this sounds like Privdog causing problems, but if you do not have it installed we’ll have to dig deeper.



No Privdog was not installed, it was op-out when installing comodo

I have had this issue again, and now Comodo is not on my computer, but googles advise was to clear cookies, so i did and everything working again with video content…
I will try tommorow installing Comodo again and we will see if it stay good with FF & Comodo
Now its bed time for me :wink:


Let me know how it goes. Also, during installation, in addition to opting out of Privdog, make sure you opt out of the DNS service. This could possibly cause issues as well, and it would be nice to be able to rule out the core components of CIS.

Regardless, let us know how it goes. If the problem continues we’ll get to the bottom of it.



Now i can say it was not comodo related, worked with my old AV and had this issue too … searched for answers on support mozilla and restore FF to default settings and started a new profile.
Installed Comodo internet security now and all seems to work okay and smooth :wink:
Now 2 days passing by, things all going well

thx for your answers.