Is Comodo Antivirus Integrated with Comodo Firewall?

I have recently installed Comodo Free Antivirus and being very satisfied with the product, I would like to add Comodo Firewall to my pc’s protection. If I install the firewall, will it be integrated with my pre-existing antivirus or would it be a separate process?

if you use the correct procedure for adding the firewall it will be integrated. Go to control panel → uninstall a program → click on comodo internet security → then click change. the installer will show up the select the firewall and it will install it

I appreciate your assistance. Can Comodo firewall be run alongside the traditional windows firewall, or should I disable windows firewall before activating Comodo firewall?

  • I know there should never be more than one antivirus or firewall running on a pc at any given time, but I was curious if Comodo’s firewall was one of those exceptions.

if you have comodo firewall installed there is no need for windows firewall. it is best to disable it

Thank you for your help today.

No probelem

Wait, I just added Comodo firewall. Now when I open up Comodo, it says Internet Security Premium. Is that okay since I did not want to start a premium trial version for the software?

Hi Weatherman97,
Comodo Firewall and Comodo antivirus both are components of Comodo Internet Security.
What it is showing is correct.
Premium equals the free version.

also fyi, when you install comodo firewall it automatically disables windows firewall, so no need to worry about doing that yourself.

I was surprised to hear that, because with the antivirus suites I have looked into none of them provide this much protection for free so when I hear premium, it sounds like you would have to pay for it. I appreciate both your assistance today and look forward to trying out the new features.

Also, languy99 I really enjoy watching your Youtube videos and I have configured my Comodo settings based on your recommendations you made in your help videos. I look forward seeing more of your videos in the future.

thanks for watching, I have made some changes to my security setup so a new video will be coming after I am done testing.

You are welcome.
You can do comparisons here to see the feature differences with the paid versions.
Note: Internet Security on that page is the Premium (Free) version.

I look forward to watching it. I know it’s probably an obvious question, but does your security setup still include Comodo?

yes it does.