Is Comodo Antivirus Certified ?


Is CAVS a certified anti virus ?

I wasn’t able to find any certification for it.
I tried ICSA, VB100, AV Comparatives, Checkmark…

If it’s not - when will it be?


Certified to do what? ???


Was it tested by Third-Party companies.
For example:

It was never tested - and I don’t mean a PC Magazine Review.

Its been tested by

Did anybody see Oh Brother where aret thou? I think Comodo is bonafide… ;d

OK, checked there archives, Looks like Comodo is improving very fast - and that’s great.
Can this group be trusted ?

In addition, can Comodo Internet Security be installed in a Business that has 15 computers - not a Home Office.

We are not looking for centralized management, just install it on the Desktops/Laptops.


The MRG can be trusted. Yes Comodo Internet Security is free of charge for both home and business users.

However you can buy the Pro version which offers the Comodo Internet Security (the same program as the Free version) with added Wi-Fi Protection and Live Expert help.

Are you only planning to use the AV or are you also interested in the firewall with HIPS (Defense +)? The firewall + HIPS will add top notch protection and make your computers virtually impenetrable. For reference go to the Matousec website and see that CIS is the top in the Proactive challenge.

As a sysadmin you may be interested in this tutorial: How To Achieve Max Security With ZERO Alerts!.


Thanks for your great answer :slight_smile:

I’m planning on using the Anti-Virus only, since we are behind a Fortinet FORTIWIFI-60B Firewall.

I’ll check that post you sent, sounds interesting.

Thanks again,