Is Comodo Anti-Virus Ready?

When is the projected time that Comode Anti-Virus will be ready to function as a stand only anti-virus? I know it is still a beta, or I think it is. Is it to the point where it is as good as some of the other ones(McAfee,AVG,Avast,ect)?

There is no date yet, here’s a message from Melih:;msg78734#msg78734

Yes, it’s still a beta. As the latest tests gave it a detection rate of 40-50% (as far as I remember), it’s not close to the ones you mention (which rather have up to 90-95% I think) in that area. But it’s improving with many definition updates, and once BOClean is integrated (may take some time?), the detection rate will rise even more. Besides, AV is not all about detection. Comodo Anti-Virus has e.g. HIPS which can prevent execution of malware.

I think 2.0 Beta is not as good as the leading programs, but I’m certain (according to posts from staff) that Comodo is developing new great technology to come soon. Hold on a while and CAVS will catch up with the others, and eventually be the leader in the business! :wink:

I think so, not only will there be two great stand alone products with the firewall and the AV - they will also make them work together really good, e.g. sharing the HIPS feature. The future is bright. :slight_smile: