Is Comodo acting weird ?

I eventually managed to have Comodo firewall allow my laptop from my LAN to receive its IP configuration from the main computer connected to the Internet (which also acts as a gateway for the LAN) and thus connect to the Internet. Everything went fine for a week or two but as of today my LAN was denied access to the internet. i looked over the logs and I saw how the firewall is systematically denying access to process svchost.exe (also used in the dhcp process or network traffic from and to the LAN). I went to Application monitor section and noticed that svchost was not denied access. I the removed all applications from there (since I couldn’t find a reset option). It still would deny svchost. I removed all components from Component monitor, but to no avail. I then proceeded to Network monitor, and this is how the rules look like right now:

Now, I may be mistaken but as far as I can remember from when I installed this, I don’t remember to have had 13 allow all rules… Also, I thought there was a deny all rule at the bottom. The firs rule you can see in the picture was added by me a few weeks ago to have ICS (gateway PC is running Windows XP with ICS ) allowed.
Anyone has a clue on what happened here ? Am I facing a security breach over here ?

I don’t know if it’s Comodo’s fault. But anyway, that’s messed up. Either re-install, or get these rules (default) in the atachment.

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Hi All,

Another N00b here. Nice program and forum you have going!

I’m kind of having the same problem. Been running Comodo about 3 weeks or so now and recently it started denying my Cox POP email. Then it started denying sites one by one (even Comodo). Since I’m new to Comoodo I have been looking at all the logs, poking around in the program, etc. and I can’t figure out what’s going on either. All of my rules look okay, nothing like RWA’s, but I can’t find, in Comodo, where to allow my POP3/SMTP server through?

I’m still reading through the forums here, but can anyone give me a quick point in the right direction?


Did you change or add any network rules? What rules do you have for Cox in application monitor?
Please look into the logs and see what is beeing blocked.

Comodo doesn’t block sites, not that i know of lol. Are you running PeerGuardian2 or anything of the sort, like Hosts files thingy?
What security apps do you have and browser?

Here is a basic installation guide with screenshots of network monitor rules.,4766.0.html

You MUST have that block rule at the bottom! NEVER remove that one.
Your rules looked like a real mess, so I would suggest that you look at the video and reinstall.
The only time you need to add/change anything in network monitor rules, is if you have a server, or if you are using P2P/Torrent programs, and you need to forward a port like you do in a router.

If Straybeat have a mail server on your computer, you need to open a port(s) for your server in network monitor.
You may also need to check “skip loopback…TCP” in advanced/security/misc.