Is Comodo a Waste of Time? How Come there is NEVER a RESPONSE? [RESOLVED]

(:AGY) I should have given up a long time ago. But I do like your firewall.

However I do not see how comodo can be in business when there is NEVER ANY RESPONSE to PROBLEMS (:AGY)

I have contacted support and various other addresses endlessly. I have even sent a private email via this forum to Melih in an attempt not to cause public embarrassment.


It is simply not possible to deal with a company that does not respond to problems, especially serious problems.

I am not alone in finding a lack of response from Comodo. See this message.,5161.0.html

I wonder how it is possible that Comodo is in business at all?

I am a computer consultant, I have quite a bit of experience with different firewall products. I believe that comodo firewall would be a good product if it was possible to use it. I believe that Comodo is better than zonealarm and sygate.

The first two copies of Comodo that I installed, I was able to register them. And the registration process worked fine and was not difficult. But after that it has never worked again!!

The last time that I successfully registered a Comodo Firewall was in October 2006.

I have tried everything that I could think of, to get the registration system to work.

When Comodo Firewall is NOT Registered, you get a short trial period without any problems. BUT AFTER THE TRIAL IS UP YOU GET A NAG SCREEN POPUP EVERY 15 MINUTES TELLING YOU TO REGISTER!!! (:AGY)

I had installed Comodo on several of my clients computers. I have now been forced to remove Comodo from those computers. This is a Very Serious Problem!!! As a Computer Consultant, the good-will of my customers is very important.

As I said, numerous attempts to contact support and the webmaster have all met with no response at all whatsoever.

Things I have tried in the effort to get the registration system to work.

  1. I thought perhaps it was a browser compatibility problem, normally I use Firefox (, so I decided to try internet explorer.
    Result: No Difference, Registration System never sent the email.

  2. Then I thought perhaps they only let you register one copy per email address. So I used a different email address.
    Result: No Difference, Registration System never sent the email.

  3. Then I thought perhaps they don’t allow you to use the free email accounts such as yahoo, so I used the paid account that my isp provides, even though I do not normally use that account for anything else.
    Result: No Difference, Registration System never sent the email.

  4. Then I thought that maybe they don’t like my address or name info. Maybe they only allow 1 copy per person – which would be annoying since I am a computer consultant and responsible for taking care of many computers. So I made up a different address and name.
    Result: No Difference, Registration System never sent the email.

So, you see, I have done everything that any reasonable person could be expected to do.

Therefore, I do not see how anyone could ever consider doing business with your company for any products. paid or otherwise. (:SAD) this makes me very sad, because from a technical standpoint, it is a good firewall program.

Well… lets see what kind of response this message gets. NOTHING ELSE HAS WORKED.


I am sorry you have had these issues and not had a great support experience so far. Lets try and fix this.

Comodo is a very busy company and their support is usually excellent, it is possible for some reason they did not receive your e-mail, or they put your ticket on hold so they could look into the problem more because they could not find a solution.

Now for your Comodo Firewall issue. What version are you using? Do you have the latest version of 2.4? If not I recommend you download it on the Comodo Firewall home page.

Version 2.4 uses a different registration process which is much easier and has not given any users problems activating so far, to my knowledge.

If you do not have 2.4 I recommend you to download and install it.

Also in the topic you listed above, the user did receive answers to his questions, not only o.



Hi Justin,
So the secret of communication is to use the forums… because your people for sure do not respond to email (and apparently not to phone either?)

I am running Comodo Firewall 2.4.16 on my computer and like it very much. I downloaded it last August. It recently did an automatic upgrade.

The last time that I tried downloading and registering it from your website was about 2 weeks ago. I see a press release from the 25th talking about a new version.

Have you changed your registration process in the last two weeks? Should I really try it again? I have already tried it more than ten times…

With regard to the other message I pointed to, I suugest that you go back and read the last post from torch, he is once again waitng for a response…

From what you are saying, apparently Comodo is going through growing pains? This is both understandable and forgivable. But I hope that you get things sorted out soon. A lot of companies go under when they fail to manage their growth.

Hello Stymied22,

In my opinion, the Comodo forums are indeed the quickest way to get support. We have many helpful and knowledgeable users here who make it a great place to get help and help others :D.

It seems that in your scenario Comodo was not activated when you upgraded, this could have caused issues with the upgrade process, and as you cannot get license keys anymore it makes it impossible to activate older versions now, and in your scenario your version due to it not being activated before hand.

I would recommend a complete uninstall and re-install, I understand it is inconvenient, and I’m sorry, but at this point it seems that is the only way.

I will contact Melih about Torch’s questions.


Hi Justin,

You seem to have misunderstood what I said.

I am a computer consultant. I have lots of customers. I want to install comodo firewall on lots of computers.

Each computer/copy requires that I go through the registration process. (I tried reusing a number and it did not work).

The first copy that I installed went onto my computer and I registered it without any problems. The second copy of comodo that I installed went onto one of my clients computers and I registered it without any problems.

After that point, every copy of comodo that I have installed, I have not been able to register. The registration system has not worked in several months. I have tried and tired and tried.

I have now been forced to remove comodo from several computers because I have not been able to register it. and all of my emails to support have gone unanswered.

The last time that I tried to register comodo was about two weeks ago. You have said that the registration system has been changed and may now work. My question is, how recent is this change?

Thank you for the amazingly fast response!! :■■■■


Sorry for the misunderstanding. The change was about 2 week ago.

With the latest version of Comodo Firewall, all license keys to activate are no longer usable. That is because with the newest version (2.4) activation takes place during installation hence an activation key is no longer required. Because of this, when you install Comodo Firewall on one of your customers computer and then enter the license key, it will not activate because of the registration change.

From the release of version 2.4 and later, no activation keys will be needed to activate the software, and all activation keys to activate previous versions of the software are no longer valid. If you are not installing the latest version you will need to download the latest version HERE.

Hope this helps,


Okay, Sounds Good!


I will give it another try and see what happens.

Meanwhile, you people should take a look at your “support@” email system and see why it is possible to send multiple messages from multiple email accounts (and the web contact form) and to NEVER RECEIVE ANY RESPONSE.

Your forums work great, but your email system is as badly broken as your registration system was.


For future support please be sure to go to and submit a ticket, if you register for an account there you can check the status of your support tickets.

Support will get better, and it is possible that your support ticket was put on hold, as I said earlier.

So far nobody has had any issues with the new registration method to my knowledge and hopefully it will stay that way.

Thanks for choosing Comodo (CLY)



This might be why you have not received a response from the support email address, taken from our mail server:
Sorry, I couldn’t find any host named

I personally have sent you 2 emails and never had a reply, so I presume you are not receiving them due to the problem above.
The first one highlighted the new Firewall Pro and the change to the registration method.
The second to request additional information regarding your PM.


oops, my bad… (:SHY) That email address should have been “.com” not “.org”

However, when I was trying to contact support I was using a totally different email address, in fact as noted above i have tried several different email / account combinations.

I did not create this “kromsuc” account until after my frustration level had been exceeded.

The email addresses which I tried to use with support should have worked, in fact one of them had been previously used for a successful comodo registration.

Anyway, I am very very happy with Comodo Now. The new version works great and I had no problems (yet) with the registration. But what did make me a little nervous is that the EULA still says something about a 30 day trial followed by mandatory registration.

I lost track of if it has been 30 days yet. But so far no nag screens. Looks like you need to update your EULA.

Thanks Again. The response I have gotten in this forum is nothing short of amazing! Most companies with paid products do not provide this level of responsiviness.


About the 30-day “trial”, it would still allow you to continue using the firewall even after that. Mine was activated immediately after when I installed v2.3.6.18 because I entered the code I received via email, so I never saw such nag screens.

CFP 2.4 + is self-activated/registered upon installation, so there’s no more of that :).

Hi Soya,
If you reread this topic from the top, you will see that the problem, is that it is not possible, to obtain an activation code… not then and not now either…

Before, there was an activation system which just happened to be very broken, and that was the start of this thread. the inability to get the broken system to work and the total non-response to the problem from the official support site.

The reason that the program became unusable is due to the frequency and annoyance level of the nag screens. Initially, once a week, then once a day, then once every 5 minutes… At 5 minute intervals, you either want to throw the computer out the window or you want to remove comodo and never touch it again… which is what I almost did. As it was, I did actually uninstall comodo from several computers, due to the nag screens and the inability to “activate” them. And I am still not happy about that, these are my customers (I’m a computer consultant) where comodo was installed, and it was a lot of my time and gas and lost goodwill.

And if comodo ever tries that stunt again, of nag screens every 5 minutes, I will not hesitate to toss them in the trash permanently.

But now, the new program does not – in theory – require activation at all. Comodo claims to have seen the error of their ways, And on the website there is no longer any link to an activation system, broken or otherwise. At least this was the case as of my last download about a month ago.

What makes me nervous is that the EULA still says that activation is required…

But so far the program has given no indication that it is going to request me to activate it, it seems content to just do it’s good work of protecting my computer. So, I think that they need to update their EULA.

Indeed, the EULA needs an update. It has been reported before for i-Vault as well:,6743.0.html.

The activation status can be confirmed in the About screen:
Subscription Validity : Lifetime
License Type : Full