Is Comodo A Spyware Catcher Too?

Hello, Do I have to have a Spyware scanner with comodo on my pc or does comodo keep spyware off my pc also and am not in need of one? Thanks

CIS has BoClean integrated in the AV module, so you are protected against spyware.:slight_smile:

Do I have the AV module automatically installed when I installed comodo?

By default yes.You must follow the installation process and read what you install or not.

How do I double check to see if AV Module installed? Thanks

Look at the screenshot.Do you see the AV module, surrounded by a red rectangle ?

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If you mean the Antivirus sign to the right of summary, I dont have that, is that a spyware detector too, I already have a good antivirus (Avira)??

Yes, it is spyware detector too.In fact, it is all malware detector.:slight_smile: You can stay with Avira or just install the AV module.:slight_smile:

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bequick, Ok, Thank You Very Much