Is Cis version 5 Final likely to have a higher detection rate than version 4.1?

??? Just wondering guys. I am aware of a lot of the improvements, ie Cloud scan in version 5, but is it likely that the detection rate will increase because of the cloud scan, and other improvements over 4.1.Also correct me if i am wrong, but why is cloud scan not enabled by default?.


Unless I’m wrong the only thing that will change in terms of detection by signatures is cloud scanning. I don’t think there were any changes to the engine to improve detection. Can someone please correct me if I’m wrong?

However, the new online behavioral analyzer should significantly increase the detection rate. However, it will usually take approximately 15 minutes to get the results.

It is enabled by default for the real-time scanner. It’s been disabled by default for the manual scan because it increases the scan time.

It’s an ongoing process but v5 will have higher detection ‘out of the box’ due to the cloud addition and other enhancements (dealing with scripts,etc.).There’s a couple of things due to come online shortly that’ll take the AV detections up to a whole new level…watch this space. :wink:

[at]Chiron. Thanks for the swift reply. Oh now i understand, that the reason for not enabling the cloud scan on demand is that it will slow the scan down. However i would personally rather wait longer to scan and have better detection rates.Its also nice to know that the behavioral analyzer will increase the detection rates as well.

This all makes me eager to see the actual % detection rate of version 5 final appearing in more official acceptable tests to the masses ie Av- Comparitives. Less official tests of Cavs 4.1 have recently shown % detection around the 98.5% mark, and i am hopeful that the new improvements will take Cavs a step further up the ladder.

I am a wee bit in the dark myself Chiron in that i dont know if there are/to be, engine improvements to increase detection rate, and welcome any forum comments on that subject.

Edit.@Andyman.Once again, thanks for the heads up on this one, Cavs/Cis is gonna be awsome.


I would say because of the cloud detection there will be a faster availability of new signatures. Not more but it gets to the user faster.

Then what’s this all about? Is this supposed to be available for CIS 2011?

I think not in the first version if CIS 5.0, but they cook it so in next updates we’ll have something new, i think

And i thought i couldn’t get anymore excited!

What about the FP’s. CAV gives FP’s for common and safe programs too. FP’s are reduced or not in V5?? There are both signature and heur fp’s a lot. They really need to control the FP’s, both signature and heur. Mere detection is not everything.


There are a couple of new things that are going to be rolled out shortly that look to be very interesting.I can’t say too much but they’ll be announced soon now. :wink:


I hope they concentrate on better safelisting and less pop-ups before the working on adding more features. That has been the largest issue since D+ was introduced.

I don’t mind the pop-ups. I only use Defense+ on one of my machines. default-deny FTW!

CIS 5.1

Well every release since the very first Defense+ has worked hard to reduce the pop-ups, so I am surprised you haven’t noticed the difference. Unless of course you cripple CIS by only using a part of it.

Once the new install settles down there are very few alerts for normal use now.


It has gotten a little better, but still gives way more pop-ups than most AV programs. Even after the initial install, every time a program updates, or a new game is intstalled, etc. the popups keep coming. Update files get sandboxed, etc… I am sure some people don’t mind it, but others do.

Surely, you understand the protection level that CIS offers is different than AV!


Indeed. CIS ranked at the top in that regard. :-TU I am in no way saying CIS is a bad program. It is fantastic, especially version 5. But I can get similar great protection from programs like Norton and Prevx, with a lot less headache. I am willing to pass on a tiny bit of extra protection to not have to worry about checking untrusted files and clearing it out daily. Or dealing with installation hassles every time I try a new application or game.

That why I say if there is one area CIS can improve, i think it is usability. I would rather see improvement there, than more added features that may or may not be needed at this point in development.

I agree with you and think that if COMODO team wants to make theirs ambitions come true and become a serious player in the big boys playground they need to make their D+ more n00b friendly.
Because 99% of users don’t know about system and svchost and pop ups like system is a safe aplication but it wants to run something: do you want to allow or block will paralyze their mental abilities for a very long period of time.

Comodo now still associated with great protection of firewall and D+ but needs to be a computer savvy to operate it.

Norton gives you a great level of protection now with its NIS 2010-2011 series but don’t forget it’s a paid software and not very cheap. I am not paying for my protection. This is my agenda, so from all free applications CIS premium is one of the best suites.

Now Online Armor finally supports 64 bit systems so CIS has again a serious competitor in the firewall sector