Is CIS ver 3.8.64263.468 now suitable for an average user?

look forward to your votes guys.

If you vote No, then we want to hear from you as to how you can help us improve further (Please!)



It’s getting close, but for the computer novice, there are likely too many options. A set and forget like NIS would suit them. But I think CIS definitely expanded its base, and if the whitelist gets expanded on a regular basis, that would make it even easier. Great job!

I voted NO only because of the False Positives with the heuristics. CIS should be “delivered” with heuristics turned off. The user can then enable them as they see fit. When the update comes out next week, many novices will immediately get the FPs and may panic and delete important files without realizing it is a FP. I’ve already warned friends of mine who are currently using CIS about the upcoming new version. I hope they heed my warning.

This is the point I’m trying to make.

I think it’s now suitable to people that are generally patient

It’s still not for a beginner person. Good Example, (This is true) It took me 10 minutes to tell my gram ma over the phone on how to install a game called “Bejeweled” { To one person it’s straight forward common knowledge and to another person it might as well be a foreign language }

I voted “no” because there are still too many pop-ups. Sometimes defense+ still pops up 3-5 times for the same app/file.

Also, did Comodo not retain the Threatcast votes from the beta? For instance I voted to allow Dropbox 2-3 times myself from different PCs during the beta. After installing the new version, I got another pop-up for Dropbox saying that it has been allowed only 3 times. Does that mean I am the only one using dropbox and voting for it?

I voted yes, because there is a great improvement. But it is kind of dangerous beacause of the fp’s

I voted NO, because there are still too many popups and no recommendations on what actions should be carried away. Too many false positives. Updates are troublesome. No multilanguage support. The interface can be confusing.

No because of this

I’m not a fan of Defence +.This 3,8 version seems more quiet,and that is good.The Gui,the D+ protection rules is not user friendly at all,is the Gui and further improvment to D+ that i would like to see.

I would like to see some things improved before I vote yes

  • lower the warnings when something is installing , I know we have an installer updater version, but it should detect it automaticly
  • FP will need to be avoided as much as possible
  • a newer GUI for better understanding (I know you’re working on it)


I’ve voted “No”. The detection rate of the AV is too bad, it produces too many FPs, it doesn’t get updated often enough, CIS makes to many pop-ups, the pop-ups are very hard to understand.
It’s still lightyears away from products like Kaspersky or Norton IS.

I think it was easy for the users before. (:LGH) And I disagree about it being behind Norton and kasp.
Install went smootly and Iam happy to see it out of beta… :slight_smile:

The heuristic still finds a FP that I reported, (at least its not a virus according to virus total).
But other than that Iam happy. I really like the heuristic, and I think it brings CIS a step forward.

Maby next release will be one focusing on firewall and D+ security fixes as it now got the ease of use. :wink: :wink:


its easier to use than avast since every option is explained clearly. For the average user? im split 50/50 on this, ive seen some pretty stupid things on other ppls computers, from only using windows firewall, to having their installed AV disabled.

Voted Yes,

Smoother, Friendlier, and Quieter than ever.
Personally have noticed several areas where there has been some smoothing and polishing.
Much appreciated Team.

Notice that most problems are misunderstanding, misconfiguration, or fairly minor annoyances.

Honestly ask how often have you heard of a CIS user actually getting hosed by actual malware?
Comparing overall protection of a multi layered proactive security suite, by AV detection rates alone is so yesterday.
All of the individual components alone don’t have to be the best on any test, for them to work together to be the best as a whole.


Because you don’t know KIS or NIS very well:

Norton Sonar is a full automatically behavior blocker: It has high detection rates and is lower on FPs than most classical virus scanners.

KIS has the best heuristics in detection and it either doesn’t make many FPs. KIS has also an automatic mode in which most decisions are made by KIS so that the avarge user doesn’t need to make decisions which he can’t judge.

A KIS warnings sounds like “Program xyz tries to get access on critical system areas” (This warning only appears if the interactive mode for advanced users was chosen).
Comodo: “Program xys tries to use protected COM interface [edrgi4567]”.

Which one is better?..

Also KIS & NIS stay quiet for most programs, with CIS users still often get a pop-up when installing something etc.

Well, frist of norton has no reputation to care about, Norton has always been playing the catchup game. It still is. :-\ :-\ You will always be behind the hackers with their approach.

CIS is innovative and offers “full” buffer overflow protection.

A full HIPS such as the one in CIS is so much stronger than any “behavioral blocker” made, Also if you didn’t know CIS notice bahavior in some extent “malicious behavior” popups exists, so it has some inbuilt intelligence. I personally think the “whitelist” approach is a stronger one, as it will alert every bad application, and in the future almost no safe one.
While the “behavioral blocker” will miss most new innovative attacks. :slight_smile:

Also that KIS has a stronger antivirus is already known, CIS don’t deny that.
But as for protection its more likely that you get infected with KIS or norton than CIS, also you lack the BO protection.

The popups is a personal thing I think CIS way of doing it is a good way. at least it won’t miss stuff…
We all know Kasp and Norton has weaker firewall and HIPS so stop bitching, and we know Comodo protects against bufferoverflows the best, and CIS is free…
And CIS is probably less resource taking, so which one is better?.. CIS.

(:HUG) (:HUG)

Only had one alert for Defence+(Safe Mode) the rest where Network alerts.

You don’t get it…
For the avarage user it doesn’t matter how much a HIPS can catch: The pop-ups are annoying and in many cases wrong handled.
And the Comodo HIPS isn’t “intelligent”: It just warns with heuristics or says that some operations could be dangerous in general.

lol You can never whitelist enough to make a classical HIPS really quiet. Comodo would have to make an agreement with e.g. bit9 but that would cost.

Comodo with IS config profile also doesn’t have full proactive defense and so no maximum protection.

In interactive mode KIS doesn’t detect much less than CIS.

The avarage Joe hates pop-ups, believe me…

I don’t bitch, I’m just not a headless fanboy like you…
Buffer Overflow protection isn’t that important, also KIS has a strong exploit protection with their realtime script emulator in their http-scanner…

For u but not for people who can’t deal much with computers…

I would vote “Yes” if Comodo had a better GUI and would make less pop-ups without losing much protection.

Version 4 is what you are waiting for.

Lets hope so, would be a great thing :slight_smile: