Is CIS suitable for public places?

I recently traveled to the Philippines and used the Internet cafes there. None of the Internet cafes I used have CIS installed. One Internet cafe has Avira, another has avast, and the other two don’t have antivirus software. I suppose CIS would not be appropriate for public places like Internet cafes and computer labs because the public would not know how to deal with D+ alerts. Avira is great because of its AHeAD (Advanced Heuristics Analysis and Detection), but setting the heuristics on high can lead to FPs and 0-day malware might go undetected. One way to make CIS work for computer labs and Internet cafes is to have a policy that users are to block all requests without remembering their answers. Let the system administrators decide what applications are safe.

Put it in parent mode (silent) so that noone will get any message and noone will be able to introduce any new executable to your PCs…just the way you want it…

No alerts to deal with, no Executables that will cause any issues!



“Parent Mode”? What’s that? I search through CIS and couldn’t find a “parent mode”. Do you mean “Training Mode”?

Paranoid Mode, Jeremy
Edit; Hi Melih I misunderstood parent mode, I stand corrected, don’t whip me :slight_smile:

Miscellaneous > Settings > Parental Control.
The option is there to suppress alerts like Melih explained. :slight_smile:

Melih said “(silent)” after “parent mode”…paranoid mode will generate a lot of alerts. ???

Ohh…that’s what he meant. I never use it so I didn’t know… :-[

with that parent mode on, there is nothing the user can do to infect the machine and they will never receive alerts cos they are not supposed to introduce anything new to the PC in the first place:)


Yes, but won’t that mean that somethings won’t work right too? Or is everything on the PC considered safe, and everything new considered not?

That depends on the security level you’re using. If it’s on clean-pc mode, it will allow everything that is already on your computer, when you introduce something new from the internet, it will pop-up. And that will be blocked :). so all the old stuff runs, but the new stuff doesn’t :-La


Hmm…maybe it is ready for old great-great-great-granny’s computer then. ;D

when you setup into this parent mode you will want to use the cleanpc mode. So nothing new will get into the machine and everything will work as normal with Zero alert.


AFAIK it’s always been there . Nice thing

Yes, kind of hidden in miscellaneous tab though.

Totally!!! :slight_smile:

Just put it in parent mode, so that they can’t cause unintentional damage by introducing new executables.

This is a ZERO Alert option with Maximum Security that money can buy! :wink:


Maybe we should put a notice on our forums (sticky) to inform users?


I just figured out what my next video guide will be. :slight_smile:

Yes, something like:

“Configuring Defense+ for ZERO Alerts with Maximum Security”?

Hey guys,

Wouldn’t this ‘Parent Mode’ method that Melih described cause trouble for those using Windows Automatic Updates? Wouldn’t it prevent the updates for installing? Same for manual updating via Microsoft Update


Beanie :slight_smile:

I don’t think so as Microsoft is a trusted vendor 88)