Is CIS stable enough to install on Windows 8.1.1?

I have the latest CIS (V7.0.317799.4142) working well on my 32-bit Win7 PC. I just got a 64-bit Win8.1 PC with an Intel processor. Since it has this menu (How to Boot to the Desktop in Windows 8.1), my understanding is that it already has Update 1 (officially, it is Windows 8.1 Update). I would like to install a third-party firewall before I first connect to the internet and do a Windows Update. I am concerned, however, about installing CIS on this PC if there is a high risk of a blue screen.

I only want the FW and AV in CIS. On my Win7 PC, I disable the HIPS and Behavior Blocker features of CIS to effectively disable Defense+, and I plan to do the same on Win8.1U1. Does this avoid the blue screen issue with Win8.1U1?

You’re acting like it’s a certainty that CIS causes problems in Win 8.1. I can assure you that it is far from that and those users who have had problems are in a small minority. I have the Behavior blocker running at the Restricted level and HIPS is disabled. I have not had a single problem and have not had to rename any files. Is there a small chance you will have a problem? It appears so but I would definitely give it a try before assuming that it won’t work right.

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