Is CIS Set to Limited Vulnerable To Certain Types Of Ransomware

Lower restriction levels have higher restrictions. Its confusing a bit. It is as you uinderstood.

Thank you Chiron. I understand now. ;D :-TU

I see. I’m still Comodo newbie in some ways I guess. Thank you once again. :smiley:

What egemen wanted to say is that levels lower on the dropdown list have higher restrictions. Partially limited is on top of the dropdown menu and has the least restrictions, Blocked is at teh bottom of the list and is the most restrictive.

could someone do a side by side comparison of cis 5 restriction levels with cis 6 restriction levels on what each restriction level actually does?

for example someone a while back broke down what each restriction level did in cis 5 like partially limited means blank is allowed, blank is allowed, blank is allowed and blank is blocked

Well, CIS5 help file contained all the details. Since there still isn’t any CIS6 help files, we can’t really compare anything yet…

I dont know the technical changes/differences in version 5 & 6 autosandbox.

But I have tested version 5 & 6 autosandbox with partial limited few times i.e previously I have tested version 5 & now I have tested version 6, and version 6 autosandbox seems improved a lot & better. No popups now & after tests MBAM & HitmanPro either founds nothing or few dropped/remnants compared to version 5.

And I think sandbox usability for both autosandbox & elevated rights sandbox have increased too i.e it seems more legit programs are able to run/install now. I tested few legit programs not whitelisted by Comodo, mentioned in the thread “submit programs to be whitelisted”, on elevated rights popup I clicked sandbox & almost every program were able to install & run. 1-2 programs which gave error, I didn’t go to unrecognized files lists to remove the sandboxed entries, I simply run the programs again & this time clicked allow & they installed & run fine.

So I find autosandbox in version 6 have definitely improved a lot in terms of security & usability both compared to version 5, especially no popups are there except elevated rights popup.