Is CIS making a popping sound?

I’m using CIS v 3.11.108364.552 and I am intermittently hearing a popping sound which happens to be “Windows XP Balloon.wav” (my ‘System Notification’ sound). It seems to be when CIS has done a virus database update.

Is CIS playing that wav file? If so, how do I stop it doing it? I can’t find any settings for sound alerts.

I don’t think you can in CIS.

So, assuming it’s CIS that’s making this sound, what’s the point in making the sound if we’re not told why it’s making it?

On top of that, if it’s CIS that’s doing it, it’s a nuisance because I’m editing video and I definitely don’t need extraneous sounds disturbing my workflow.

Maybe the only way to shut it up is to assign a silent .wav file to “System Notification”.

Do you have display balloon messages turned on? It makes the standard windows notification pop when these open.