Is Cis incompatible with Bufferzone pro?.

Hello. I am not sure if this is the right area within the forum but here goes. I have been testing out Bufferzone pro free, and wonder if anyone has experienced the issues i have.

First. My setup… Windows 7 32 bit, Firefox browser. Cis normally installed with D+ in safe mode and sandbox activated as well as av medium heuristics, and firewall, in safe mode.I do have on demand scanners also.

I fancied a go at Bufferzone and it installed like a breeze. I will say i saw no need for the Comodo sandbox so disabled it, thinking about possible overkill/compatibility issues.

I tested it out with some malwares without any apparent issues, within Bufferzone, deleted its contents and ran the usual scanners to see if it missed anything. The scanners were malwarebytes, Superantispyware,Hitmanpro, on demand and Cavs.It returned clean after all these scans and also did a CCE full scan, again clean.

I had been getting issues of the computer re booting itself during scans and at other times previously, so decided to uninstall Bufferzone. I then got the itch to try out Bufferzone again thinking if i disable the firewall and Sandbox i would not experience any issues.

Anyway i found out that Bufferzone has a very basic… and i mean basic, firewall and thought… maybe its a compatibility issue with Cis Firewall.There appears to be no way of disabling the firewall in Bufferzone so i then disabled Cis Firewall and then thought i still need some kind of decent firewall, so activated Windows 7 and when re booting the same message came up again preparing desktop, exept it hung there for 5 minutes supposedly doing its thing. The message normally appears in the middle of the screen when i have reformatted. Anyway i have Gone back to Cis Sandbox and firewall enabled and the message and re booting itself problem has gone and all is well.

Has anyone experienced any similar problems whilst playing with Bufferzone, or do you think it would work properly if the windows firewall was disabled as well.I see posts saying two firewalls can cause issues but the firewall in Bufferzone does appear very basic and may only offer poor protection compared to the other two mentioned so i felt the need to have another even Windows 7 one activated as well.

If a solution exists i would be greatful to hear about it.


Hey dave,
I have been using bufferzone pro with CIS v5. I have everything enabled on CIS including the sandbox. The only thing that i changed with bufferzone is I erased all the firewall rules. There are only 2 set. I erased both and never had a problem. THe only issue I had with running both together was that my browsing speed was slower with bufferzone running. I normally have CIS v5 and sandboxie running together without any problems. BUfferzone pro seemed to slow down certain sites and browsing. I was running firefox latest while running bufferzone. By the way, you can get bufferzone pro for free now. Its a free download at their site. You don’t need a license. Just register in the beginning and your all set.
What other programs are you running with CIS and bufferzone? Maybe there is a conflict somewhere. Make sure that you set bufferzone as trusted. Also try running bufferzone in training mode. Good luck.

Hello Kjdemuth.Thanks for the tip regards erasing the two firewall rules, i will try that next.If that does not cure the problem, i reckon its a trial and error thing, uninstalling some other apps and see if it solves my issue.Incidentally i do have Comodo time machine installed as well as Iobit advanced system care pro in real time.

Ronny a moderator, responded to a previous post of mine saying i think, it should be ok having Bufferzone and Ctm on at the same time, is he wrong do you think, as i found a post from one of Comodos developers stating that Returnil is not compatible with Ctm but not what symtoms might be experienced when attempting to use both.I also thought that Bufferzone and Returnil were almost the same in the way they work?.


I installed BufferZone Pro on a VM that had CTM installed, and the reboot after BZ was installed caused CTM to re-index the drives. I’m assuming this was due to however BZ goes about isolating things, but it leads me to believe there is likely a possible problem running the two of them together.

I also got a BSOD with BZ when I tried to close a window while it was doing its optimizing for first program run in BZ, or whatever the message is. I rolled back the installation with CTM, but I plan on doing some more in-depth testing when I get some time.

If so then BufferZone uses RAW disk access to run their stuff in the Bufferzone/sandbox that would kill CTM.
I was under the impression that BufferZone was “just a auto-sandbox” app seems I was wrong.

Thanks for the replies guys, but the mystery deepens. I uninstalled Ctm to see what difference there would be in my computer seemingly having a mind of its own and re booting itself. I had also had an issue where after restarting the machine and just before getting to the desktop, i would type in my password and then the thing just hung for several minutes before a message popped up in the middle of the screen saying preparing your desktop?.

The preparing your desktop message only ever appears i think when i have done a re format, but it never gets to the desktop it just hangs there.

I did a system restore and all went back to normal, so in my case after uninstallng Ctm with Revo and running some registry cleaners, then the problem persisted. So it looks like Ctm might not be causing a conflict, and it may be some other Program, but cant be bothered to keep up the trial and error by uninstalling things and see what the result is.Back to Sandboxie… safe as houses, someone else may care to take up the challenge.


I’ve reinstalled BZ on my VM with CTM. (Whoa, too many acronyms…)

After CTM did its thing on reboot after installing BZ, I haven’t had any odd BSOD’s this time. (I’ve tried, the first must have been a fluke)

I can still snapshot and rollback various system changes after BZ was installed. So it appears to me that after the initial installation, the two seem to play well together.