Is CIS compatible with Shadow Defender ?

I want to install Shadow Defender but i want to know does it causes any conflicts between each other ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

They worked โ€œfineโ€ together last time I used it, which was over a year ago at least. The only issue is that you lose configuration changes unless you export and import config file each time or set up proper exclusions.

For CIS or SD ?

Oh first of all set up SD to be trusted in CIS, try to exclude it as much as possible to avoid issues there. But then you also need to set up exclusions in SD for CIS registry keys, trusted files database etc if you donโ€™t want them to revert (you may want them to revert, you may not, up to you) The exclusions part within SD is why I stopped using it, was just too bothersome finding all keys etc, been using imaging programs instead for the purposes I used SD for.