is CIS + BOclean enough to protect your system?

I am trying to protect a few systems at a church. I have been asked to help them after several of their systems became infected, and right now we are trying to see if we can protect them sufficiently with free solutions.

So if I install CIS and BOclean on these machines, do you think that is sufficient to protect them, or is the some other type of additional real-time protection that should be added.

Thanks for any opinions your can offer on this.


Evening Kyle Once Again :slight_smile:

I would have to say Yes on this question, Reason is because CIS Has Firewall & HIPS and AS/V in Which is Good Enough, Added With BOClean Is Good,

Only Thing I Would Change Is Adding Superantispyware (Free) To Scan Once Every Three Weeks or So, But Other Then That… Yes


Hi CG,

Sorry to make you keep answering all of my questions, LOL. Thank you for taking the time.

I wanted to post this somewhere where it seemed like it made more sense rather than in my previous unrelated topic.

Does CIS have the HIPS turned on by default?

Also, I think in the default mode, the firewall was set to “safe”. Is that where I should keep it? The only issue I have with that is that like for me at home, I can answer questions from the firewall to allow or disallow something as much as I need to, but for the people at the church, they don’t know much about computers, and I am afraid they won’t know what to do with the questions from the firewall. My friend told me that if I turn it to training mode that it won’t ask questions, but then should I be afraid that it is not blocking anything?


I don’t Mind :slight_smile:

Yes, Unless You Did Not Enable Defense+

It shouldn’t be a problem, Safe Mode, Is where it checks Comodo’s Safelist Before Alerting The User, Then If it is not on the safe list it will alert the user,

Comodo Does a good job explaining the alerts…
No, You shouldn’t be afraid

I would go through and custom add common applications your self…


Ok, so I think you are saying I should just leave it in safe mode, and add their common applications to the allow list.

Sounds like a plan.

Thanks so much!


You are most welcome, And i like helping other users :slight_smile: