is CIS-Antivirus enough "Antivirus"?

Hello there. Being new to CIS and reading quite a few threads in these helpful forums I am still uncertain if it is now enough to have CIS installed, or if I should get an additional Antiirus software…!?

Thanks for making this clearer.

well, CIS virus database is growing rapidly :slight_smile:
pretty decent IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

this is pretty decent, you are right. Anyway, I have found threads here, where folks where adviced to get some additional AV on top…

well, it depends i guess 88)
i use CIS, & malwarebytes antimalware as on demand scanner.i find them OK.
never been infected :a0
beside, from my experience, having full CIS, my comp is a lot faster than using CIS firewall & other AV.

I know AV by COMODo is not still one of the best simply because is very young, but with the powerful HIPS from FW and an AS on demand i think is enough. Well, i have installed CBOClean too.
In the future, i know the AV module will be one of the best, or the best,hehehe.
Since i have installed CIS my lap is a lot of fast than before.

wolffprotect, your question is highly relevant.

However, there are too many speculations in the subject of CIS/CAV being good enough, and too little facts/tests. I have unfortunately nothing to add in terms of facts or tests. All I know is that the amount of signatures is increasing with a speed I couldn’t think was possible. Also, you have Defense+. Finally, you will get heuristics in the next version (hopefully December but I’m not certain of that, being just a user and not Comodo staff).

So, in my honest opinion, I would recommend Comodo Antivirus to anyone - except the very most novice users who don’t understand how they should handle Defense+ when installing/upgrading software. On the other hand, if one doesn’t know what Defense+ is, maybe one should let a more experienced friend take care of updates and installations…


Thanks for this insight. Is there some helpful thread dealing with the use of Defense+ in relation to installing new software?

I can’t think of any proper thread right now (there isn’t any in the D+ FAQ), but here’s the main principle: whenever you update/install something, and D+ warns you, just chose “Treat this application as installer or updater” and then OK (it’s not necessary to chose that D+ should remember it). Then D+ will offer you to go into “Installation Mode”, which you should accept. This will make any installation go smooth (well, you may encounter one more alert, then just chose “Treat this application as installer or updater” again).

When it’s all done (updating or installing), you will eventually be asked by D+ to switch to the previous mode - a.k.a. the main mode. It’ll take a few minutes though, so you can also switch to the previous mode (main mode) from the CAV Summary page. In Proactive Defense, just click “Switch to previous mode”.

Hope it helped. By the way, there is also a help file provided with CIS/CAV, which should explain all this. :slight_smile:


Really, the AV’s detection is not that bad at all. I tested some malicious Russian URL’s which were like a day old, CIS “detected” them all.

As far as I’m concerned, the AV is growing fast, not only in detection but over all. After using Avira, Avast!, NOD32, etc for past years, I have no intention switching back. I think some of you may be surprised of how well the AV actually is right now.


yes it did! Thanks a lot.

At the moment I’m using the on demand scanner from ClamAV to scan suspicious files (downloads, attachments) manually in addition to the resident scanner from CIS.

I know, ClamAV isn’t the best concerning detection rates, but it has the following advantages:

  • updates and scans can be performed via command line, no services or other processes are running all the time (I use a batch file, which automates updating signatures before scanning the files)
  • mighty command line interface to specify what to check (would be nice to have a comodo command line scanner with many options also, but at the moment, you can’t even adjust the resident/manual GUI-Scanner at all! I hope this will be improved a lot)
  • it’s free

I 100% agree with Josh, I think most of you would be surpised actually how good CIS is now. I have trouble finding malware that CIS misses :frowning:

It’s almost the other way around for me. (:LGH)

Hey O’Grady, why don’t you join the malware research group?? :slight_smile:

What does that group do? Or, what do you have to do as a member? I couldn’t find real information about that.

i have enabled you for malware research forum… take a look… see if you think you can help millions of users… if you can… you are welcome to continue… if not… at least you had a look at what we do at malware research board.

thank you for your time and support.


Thank you.

I’ll check it out, although it’s doubtful whether there is much I can do, perhaps apart from sharing a few samples now and again.

that would be more than good enough, thank you.

imagine if you shared a single malware with us that could potentially infect tens of thousands of people and we stopped it, you would be saving so many people so much time and headache! Even a single sample is huge!


Haven’t thought of it, but when you put it that way, I realize it’s true. Just one malware might actually affect thousands of people! Incredible!


I already submit anything I can find. Only yesterday, 16 new samples.

Unlike some others I don’t have a problem (yet) finding undetected garbage. Perhaps I can teach them some new tricks. :wink: