Is CIS 6 scanning everything in the Background??

I had a pop up from comodo saying that a file in system restore directory was suspicious ???
though i cleaned it but at that time i was just browsing and nothing else, so my activities just can’t relate to the system restore directory anyhow :-
Any explanation would be great :slight_smile:

It’s an on-access scanner, just as it has always been.

There are various processes that could have been accessing various files in the background (such as the file indexing service) that could have triggered the alert even though you were doing something else.

Without more data to go on, it’s impossible to say what process may have triggered the alert.

Just an FYI though, it’s a very good idea to completely check out “suspicious” files instead of just cleaning them, in case it may be a false positive.

that system restore directory was ages old i haven’t restored or created a point in 2 months, so i didn’t cared about it, i just kept the restore point for in case situations, moreover it is hard to check a file in system restore directory, they with some numerics.exe!!

for the issue, i m still in doubt about this, i dont think any process will try to access the system restore directory, until invoked manually ???

btw thanks i will definitely consider reviewing a suspicious file b4 cleaning it :slight_smile:

Hey Heffed,
just one more question i know its off topic but i dont want to create a thread for it,
actually too many sandboxed applications are getting are getting crashed like comodo dragon, chrome, etc. and the freeze created by other sandboxed apps is such that i had to hard shut down :frowning:
so should i file a bug report or its a supposed behavior in beta state
i m currently running it on XP SP3 32 bit

Crashes are not intended behavior, even in the beta stage. Yes, please make a bug report about any crashes/freezes that you are experiencing. That is the whole point of beta testing.

ohk, i m experiencing quite a lot of bugs, i will find some time to report the bug as per the Format :slight_smile:
Thanks !!