Is CF section going to be merged with CIS section?

Since a product called “Comodo Firewall” no longer exists, I am wondering if this section is going to be merged with the CIS section or it will continue to live separately (V)

Comodo Firewall still exists by itself. The CIS installer lets you shoose to install just CFP during installation. You can also just install CAVS.

not if you update, it installs the whole shootin match and it’s up to you to find and disable what you don’t want. Even then it still recedes on your hard drive

I update CFP to CIS 3.5.54375.427
When CFP prompted me to update and it only loaded the firewall Then I downloaded the full version and when I went to run the file it behaved exactly as I thought it should.

How did you upgrade?
what version did you upgrade from?


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from .378 and through the misc page and check for update, ask if I wanted to update, clicked start, update with the totally new internet security stuff with all options running. Not kool

Do you have the AntiVirus button between Summary and Firewall in the CIS GUI ?
I have tested the update myself and can not confirm this behavior with the updater.

What version OS are you running ?

To answer your questions, Yes the Firewall Section will EVENTUALLY will be Merged/Deleted in the long run (We aren’t talking weeks either). But still not decided.

Still need to get people over to CIS it self, Use to the CIS Board, etc. I think it will take some months.


3xist, thanks for clearing the things up. (:WAV)

Ok, but I’ll wait a few weeks or even months to try CIS. As I expect there will be numerous major updates, changes and improvements in the coming months. :THNK

I still see CFP as a very reliable firewall. And CIS is pretty much new. I don’t wanna go through the update process every few days. However, I do hope you will make it great. Maybe even including CMF in CIS. That would be awesome!

CMF will be integrated in CIS, Along with BOClean (Boclean will be integrated first). :slight_smile: And you don’t have to wait weeks or months. You can try it now, And then when updates come around you will get the benefit of them. :slight_smile:

Integration of other products & CMF though is a road-map thing, So in about 12 months you should see a fantastic Suite, and IMO the Suite now is a great start.


Here ya go, exactly what it updated to from Version You can also see “I” disabled the AV


That’s really strange, I tested the updater in XP Virtual Machine also, And updated the Firewall only, That’s what it was suppose to do.

Anyway, To get rid of the AV go to Add/Remove Programs and run the Uninstaller for CIS. Then simple Remove the AV Component (Uncheck it).

After a reboot, You will see the AV Gone.


Thanks Josh, when the AV proves itself s a true AV in the company of AV’s like AVG, Avast, I may choose to turn it back on. I love and fight for the Firewall and pray the AV lives up to those standards as well. As to why it happened, the WEB has funny little quirks at times, the purpose for the Comodo Firewall I love

Thanks again (:CLP)