Is CF preventing me connecting to email server?

Not too sure if this is the right forum, so sorry if it’s not.
Not too clever technically & I have an odd one here.
Just done a clean install on my ThinkPad R40, everything went ticketyboo until I tried getting my emails. Outlook 2003 tells me it can’t connect to the outgoing mail server, getting the error message (0x800ccc0f). I have double checked my settings and they are all correct. O2 say there’s nothing wrong their end, it must be my firewall or av. I have emailed NOD32 to see if they have had any sudden issues or conflicts and am wondering if there’s anything I may have done that may be causing CF to cause this problem,
I have a wireless router with the latest driver & it’s working ok according to the Device Manager,
Any advice would be appreciated,

CF Serial No: 4FC162B1EA0641aa82172ACC706D11F7

What rule did you make for Outlook? Can you show us a screenshot of your Fireball logs? They can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall events?