Is CD supported under XP x64?

All that I can find says that CD requires a 32 bit OS, but the FAQs on the Comodo web site just say

Will Comodo Dragon run on my computer?
Comodo Dragon will run on Microsoft Windows 7, as well as Windows Vista and XP.
No mention of 32/64 bit. I DLed it and installed it on a minimal Windows XP x64 system under VMware Server. It installs and runs. What is the real answer? Thanks, John.

Major 32bits software works in x64 OS as well (Windows).

Only software that requires some driver install (like most of firewalls, antivirus, etc…) needs to be 64bits to run fine in x64.

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MagusBR, thanks much. The Comodo web site needs to say as much. John.