Is CAVS good enough to replace F-Secure/SAVCE on a Production Server 2003?

I have been watching the progress of CAVS with great interest.

I have tried deploying CAVS on several Windows 2003 Workstations, and they run well.

But I’m yet to deploy CAVS on our production server.

Currently we’re using a mix of F-Secure and Symantec AntiVirus Corp. Edition (not Norton AV).

Is CAVS good enough to replace them?

No, definitely not. LOL.

I agree - definitely not in a production environment. CAVS 2 is still a beta product and should NEVER be used on a production system unless you are fully cognizant of the risks involved and are prepared to accept unpredictable behaviour and/or unpredicatable results.

Lusher, what would you recommend for a Windows 2003 production server?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Rats. It’s the only freeware AV that runs on Windows 2003… oh well :slight_smile:

I’;m testing v2 on W2003 server but onaccess scanner doesn’t work. It returns the well know error Cav003

Hey Albert,

Guess who?

Did you install it into the default path?
Did you reboot after the install?

These are two common causes of CAV003 errors.

I’ll do a dig around the forums for you, but there have been a couple of posts about CAVS2 and W2003 server. I’ll posts links back here when I find them.

Good to see you aboard.

Ewen :slight_smile:

What’s a windows 2003 server? (:TNG)