Is CAVS email working on my PC?

I downloaded and installed CAVS and all seemed ok, several reboots necessary. I had previously uninstalled Avast. Entered the activation code and all well. One item was highlighted, needed to do a system scan so I started that.

Email scanning is set to on, and I have also requested certify both incoming and outgoing emails, and also have display animated icon and show progress on outgoing emails. I can still send and receive emails but there is no indication anywhere that CAVS is checking email???

I am using my own email program that is sending on 25 and reading port 9999 through K9 which then reads port 110.

Any help appreciated.

Cut K9 out of the loop, email program now connects direct on 110, still no indication CAVS is doing anything.

Any clues?

I note from reading other posts other users have also had a problem with emails not being checked?

Guess it is uninstall and put back Avast - I have also read on the forums about problems uninstalling CAVSā€¦

Ok - I give up on CAVS.

I had this problem before I reboot second time, I dont know why and how. And since I installed CAV, its running fine as I never see, I just wish a faster scan, and that Win security alert know CAV.