Is CAVS Beta 2....still on schedule for 12th Oct?

I think I’ve seen that post… but that was a long time ago, it was from a user that after installing cavs a lot of DLLs went missing. I think some-one mentioned that the dlls could’ve end up in the “quarantine”… I was a long time ago, and I didn’t read it to the end of it

edit: bad english… correction :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. It’s hal.dll issue. To my knowledge, there is still no definitive evidence that CAVS was the cause of this issue (hal.dll, along with many other windows DLLs disappearing without a trace). Based on user posts, the actual number & type is inconsistent. For some, its just hal.dll (loosing hal.dll is not an uncommon windows error, its been around for years, & not necessarily anything to do with CAVS), whilst others have lost “many” & “lots” of DLLs (no names or exact counts detailed). For all I know, it could be the classic windows disappearing hal.dll trick (there are so many reasons for this) or a virus/trojan/worm. The whole issue is as clear as mud… at night (new moon), whilst you’re wearing sun glasses… in a very deep & dark dungeon.

PS No file has been found in CAVS Quarantine.


For those looking for information on the Hal.Dll issue there is a post here:,1236.0.html

It seems that no-one has encountered this since with CAVS after a program update (although the update did not fix the issue directly).


Hi All,

Sorry for not being more specific in my original post – it is indeed the hal.dll issue.

I certainly did not want to spread misinformation and I realize that there wasn’t any direct evidence linking CAVS to this issue.

However, because I don’t want to go through the pain of having to reinstall my system, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be cautious about beta software especially when it’s very unclear the root cause of this hal.dll problem.

Fyi, I tried that link Mike posted but it’s a deadend.

Sorry, can you try the link again - it should now work?


Thanks Mike.


You’re welcome.



Tomorrow it is then (hopefully), I’m sure we all don’t mind waiting a few days for a ‘stable’ release, the fact is, COMODO products are so darn good, we just can’t wait for the new stuff to arrive. (:CLP)

On the matter of the missing hal.dll…I have been running CAVS 1.1 for a few weeks now and have suffered no problems whatsoever, maybe it was NOT CAVS that caused the problem?

I must admit that, AVG was my AV of choice but after installing CFW, AVG started acting up a little, like email checking forever…anyhow, I installed CAVS and have never looked back since.

Astro (B)

Ok, today is the day :wink: Or is it not? :wink:

Release of CAVS 2 Beta of course!



I think you’ll need to wait for the US to get to work before you get any answer.

I know… It was supposed to be funny :slight_smile:

And it was. I was just trying to be… informative. ;D

Okay. Then I thought that v2 will be released about 17:00 p.m. (if today :P).

Yes, normally releases are done around 16:00 UTC/GMT. However, releases are not normally done on a Monday. Anyway, we normally hear about the release, if it’s going to happen or not, around 15:00 UTC.

So … it is still 2 hours to go. Can’t wait (:TNG)

I’m thrilled (R)

still nothing here. I am wishing for an early release.

Lets go comodo, lets go!!

Yes. I believe everyone here are hoping for the release of v2. Hopefully everything goes smoothly there… Keep it up… (:CLP)

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Where are you CAVS 2 Beta? :wink: