Is CAVS Beta 2....still on schedule for 12th Oct?


Just wondered if we are still on schedule for the new CAVS, I’m really looking forward to trying it.

I have had no problem whatsoever with CAVS 1.1 Beta (unlike a few others), so am anxious to get my sweaty hands on the latest.

I have recommended COMODO Security products to everyone I know who uses the internet.

Keep up the great work guys and THANKS (:CLP)


Fingers crossed, we are so very close…but until it comes of our testing we won’t know…as soon as its out it will be posted in our forums in the beta section. Then we will need everyone’s help to iron out the bugs… then we launch…


Same here ;D.


Glad you are enjoying the products so far, lets hope everything goes well with the testing and we get the beta 2 on Thursday as scheduled :slight_smile:

CAVS 1.1 Beta may have consumed significant memory resources, I too had no problem with it.
Anxiously waiting for CAVS 2 Beta to address this… (:CLP)

I believe that today is the day (:LGH) (or not (:SAD))?

Like babies - it’ll come when its ready and be ready when it comes. Patience is a virtue.

ewen :slight_smile:

Until then, eat lots of pizza, go down some bumpy roads, eat chocolate, they say this helps delivery time. :wink:

So when is the due date? Does Melih get to cut the network cable? :smiley:



Nearly 18 hours into Thursday (in the UK) and nothing has appeared yet.

I wish I had not given up smoking (:SAD)

Astro (B) (L) (R)

I’ve just started ;D.


Not good :-. Anyway lets hope that it is being released today…

No luck on 12th it seems. :’(

Hey All,

I am new to Comodo freebies; I am currently using CPF and love it so far. My question for anyone and everyone regarding CAVS is: How good is it? How might it compare to Trend Micro virus protection? I am tempted to trade up but from what I know TM AV is pretty solid and CAVS is still in the beta stages. I’m all ears . . . .


Depends on your surfing habits really ;). I’m using the current beta (1.1) and I’m happy with it :). I was previously using AntiVir PE. As mentioned, CAVS is still in early development but improving all the time. I think it also depends on the other security software that you have running as well.


I think it will be postponed for a later date :frowning:

Monday 16th is the next date we have.

We keep fixing bugs and trying to make sure to have eliminated major bugs.
There will be bugs and that’s why we need your help in finding and eliminating all the bugs please.


One of the more frightening things I heard that CAVS seemed to be responsible for was wiping out .dll files on peoples computers forcing them to restore they HD. Has this issue been resolved or at least addressed in any significant way? If so, will it be resolved for the beta2 release? If that’s the case, I would probably dive into CAVS and give the boot to TMIS2007.

And where did you hear that?

Hmmm, did a search and didn’t see anything on this. As asked , can you point out where you saw this?



Think he is refering to the hal.dll probelm, If you search for hal.dll, you will find lots of posts about it.