IS cannot scan or detect this file as running logo4m7e.dll

IS cannot scan or detect this file as running logo4m7e.dll
located in temp.

\Documents and Settings\Scott\Local Settings\Temp\logo4m7e.dll

i cant move it , del it or even use a unlocker and force rename or del , nor can it be done in safe mode.
i cant submit it , comodo syays teh file is in use or unavalible. LOL
i recently have a virut & and that stupid ave.exe thing .

i have wiped my drive an rebuilt fresh , i still fid one 1 file a week that was virut infetced and IS cleans / deals with it .

but this is strange , comodo can’t even scan it .

Hi Prime_8,

If you can find the FP file,you can submit through this link:Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year we can go to have a look at it.

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Have you tried to unlock it using unlocker:

edit: I have provided a different link

LOL that web site for unlocker is reported Unsafe LOL according to IS.

but yeah i have had unlocker for a while . it can’t even get the ■■■■■■ on / using " rename / remove on next boot"

the upload php page has a " the file must be larger than 0b" but it’s a 12kb file.
it’s not running according to IS or TM
i can’t even touch it in safe mode ???

using WIN xp MCE sp3 and just IS for anti virus and malwear , snap shot. I man IS took care of my virut issue but what the heck is this thing, disk defrag can;t move it , has the same disk protect mode as comodo’s quarantine section on drive.

i have no unusual net trafic and i only found it after snap shot told me to defrag , LOL as defrag could not move file.

scan disk finds no drive table errors or anything ,

unlocker says file is not locked , but can’t effect it without reboot. but on re boot it’s unable to do anything .LOL

i think i will try my PE DVD , and see if i can rename it while booting from DVD , just ahve to find my PE DVD . LOL

:: ok so booted into PE environment from DVD , file is not there , no trace . but soon as i reboot is t’s back .
nothing hides in pe , all system , all files show regardless of file atrtrib .
so i did a check of all items installed or such on same date , not many , non that should be related .
my next attempt will be to created a null dll in same place and spot , in pe mode, set it read only ,
see how that goes.

who knows what it was … LOL but it’s gone now .

It did not exist in PE mode . coudl not remove it using any normal system tool .
■■■■ cleaner could not remove it ,
Unlocker could not detect any locks , but could not change / remove file.

i could not replace it , my null dll fiel would be over written it seems on boot .

hehe , but what i did was manualy enter it as a blocked file in comodo IS , reboot …
and blamo . I could delete it .YAY ! :smiley: ( in IS only ? but hay it’s gone )
except well i have no copy of it :frowning:

any how IS got it in the end , as i find with so many funny files.