Is business license free also? & EULA Concerns

I was reviewing the EULA for Comodo Boclean which appears to allow a user to install a single copy on a personal computer. It does not comment on whether it can be used on business computers. Can it be installed for free on business computers (any number) as well? If not, where is the link for purchasing business licenses.

Also, I read the topic regarding the legal-ese in the EULA. I am not a lawyer, but I am very experienced with contracts (writing them and negotiating them). The concerns raised over the Comodo EULA are well founded. Comodo is should re-write their EULA to accomodate the concerns voiced in the topic. The fact that everybody is speculating about the intent of Comodo’s EULA is a good sign that the language is NOT clear. Furthermore, I saw no evidence in the topic that Comodo appropriately addressed the concerns that were raised. I do agree that if you don’t like the EULA, then don’t use the product. However, I also think it was good that concerned users raised the EULA issues. Bringing these issues to the attention of potential users will allow them to make a more informed decision regarding the use of this product, especially of they don’t understand the legal mumbo jumbo fromulated by conniving attorneys. (:NRD)

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If I’m not completely wrong, all (free) Comodo products can be used on both personal and business computers without any license. Comodo’s goal with the free product is to offer people protection not to make money, so I don’t see why you couldn’t use it on a business PC.


I’m pretty sure all Comodo’s free products are free for whatever use, at least in the firewall’s page it’s clearly stated:

Free for Commercial Use!

Thanks for your responses.
No offense intended…but is there any way to get a clear cut answer on this, rather than speculation.

The whole point of my first post was that people have to speculate on Comodo’s EULA policies, which means the EULA is not clear (either because it’s poorly written or it’s omitting information).

The EULA policy for the antivirus and firewall are different from the AntiMalware, so you cannot subsitute one for the other. :-\

Is there anybody at Comodo who can tell me what the EULA policy actually means? Can I use it in all my business sytems for free? ???

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its free for commercial/business use as well.

To Melih: Thanks for your promt answer. I would suggest that you post this clearly on your website and within the EULA of your free products (it is NOT clearly posted for Anti-Malware, at least not that I can find). I am not trying to bash your company, just trying to help improve things for other consumers that wish to be considerate and abide by your rules.

To Soyabeaner: Thanks for the reference. That post prompted my concerns about the EULA.


Thanks WDD… we’ll pass this info to our marketing guys…


Well if the EULA doesn’t say anything about restriction for business users (after you’ve read it hard enough :wink: ), there’s no restriction by default. It’s only because it’s so usual in these kinds of software, but the programs that have that restriction do display it in their EULA, otherwise it wouldn’t apply. (Yes I know I’m stating the obvious…)

Anyway I agree that a visible “free for commercial use” notice should be displayed in the website, as for the firewall. Many people won’t believe it’s free until you reassure them. :slight_smile:

That’s true. It is unusual to get a good (not to say superb) for free. People are hesitant to believe things like that, because too often they are promised the blue from the sky and then they end up getting malware.
So it would be advisable to clearly state that it’s free for commercial use but not writing it bold in 72pt font size which would look suspicious 8)

I think your interpretation is incorrect. If a store fails to post a sign that says “no stealing”, this does not mean that you can steal from them by default. It is still against the law to take something that belongs to somebody else, unless that person gives you permission.
I was simply wanted to make sure that they granted permission for the use I intended because it was not clear from Comodo’s website.

Japo, you may want to re-evalaute your position. Especially since the EULA clearly states that the program should be installed on “a single personal computer”. How did you decide that permission to install on a single personal computer equates with permission to install on multiple commercial computers? You logic is not obvious at all. I look forward to your explanation.

You might be right, especially about the word “personal”, they could add something to the EULA. But then this concerns Comodo, I’m not saying it’s right or wrong as it is, and don’t even know the first word about laws.

From reading other threads I think the “single” against multiple is a separate issue, and that Comodo prefers that you download once for every installation for stats gathering purposes. But don’t ask me, I’m just a (domestic) user. :slight_smile: