Is BOClean retarded or something!?!? (updater screwup deluxe)

Installed on a clean Vista installation, everything as usual. Then routine update, there was an update, and which it supposedly was done. Reboot and BoClean starts whining that BOC425.XVU is missing. OMG!? I run the updater as sugested by the program and says up to date. Right. Run the EXE again and stillw hines that it cannot work without it. Then i manually EXTRACT it from installer and place it where it belongs and [Edit: Foul language removed. ~cat~] stupid junk stillw hines that file isnt there even though it’s jumping riht into it’s face. I haven’t seen anything as ■■■■■■■■ as this in my whole life. Seriously, Why is that? [!]!?!?

Of course, i have to beg it to run as admin, MANUALLY. After like 30 reinstallations and retries of every possible thing i trashed this pile of ■■■■. >:( It’s 4 AM and i’m totally ■■■■■■ because only this stupid ***** ***** ***** ***** won’t work no matter what. 88)

uninstall then install in safe mode?

While it’s understandable that you may be frustrated, I must insist that you watch your language.
This is a public forum and basic civilities will be adhered to.
Now, lets take a look at some information that may be helpful.
If you will read the CBO FAQ you should find some helpful information there in regard to Vista installation requirements and/or missing .xvu files.