Is BOClean Needed If Installing Comodo Firewall v3?

Hello all.
New to the forum (Joined today):slight_smile:

I have a question though;;
I’ve just installed the free firewall " Comodo Firewall Pro v3.0.13.268."
Could anyone tell me please, as it has the A-VSMART prevention built into this newer version,
Do I need “Comodo BOClean : Anti-Malware Version 4.25”?

Does the new Comodo firewall with built in A-VSMART replace having to install BOClean?

Hope someone can clarify
Many thanks

Personally I still use BOClean - if something gets past the firewall (only likely if the user allows some action by mistake) then BOC will be there ready to stop the malware.
I also still have CAVS installed though i am waiting impatiently for version 3 to be ready…


read this article first…
then i am sure you will come to a conclusion…


Many thanks for your replies.
I did read the other thread mentioned also about layered security.

Melih replied" general rule for layered security is never use 2 products from the same vendor. "
I’m not sure if I buy into this statement 100%, but I do see his point.

I’m now running Comodo v3 Firewall and Avast Anti Virus 4.7 Home Version.
I think these together are a very good combination.
Do I really need BOClean as well?
Well, an extra layer of security doesn’t do any harm I suppose,:slight_smile:
Just I didn’t want to install another running program on my system if it wasn’t needed.

Seems from the above answers though that installing BO Clean is ok, an extra line of defense.
So, I probably will install it.
Many thanks for everyones thoughts