Is bit defender compatible with comodo antivirus?


I notice that someone in the forum recommends installing and using bit defender to remove some malware.

Is bit defender compatible with comodo internet security antivirus and firewall or should I uninstall these first then re-install after use of bit defender?



It’s always a good idea to disable your active scanning AV when installing something. Especially another security product.

As for compatibility, you shouldn’t have any trouble as long as you only have one AV solution actively scanning at a time.

Many people would say that it is not a good idea to even install more than one antivirus. For that reason I would personally prefer to run an online scanner such as Kaspersky. However if it is only run on an on demand basis and uninstalled immediately afterwards there should be no reason to uninstall CIS.

Why do you feel the need to scan with this? There could be better solutions.

As long as only one AV is actively scanning, there will be no interaction between them…

(in reply to James France ) Thanks to all those who have responded.
I have installed Bit defender (in addition to comodo antivirus and firewall) because Trend micro “RUbotted” reports that I have a BOT on my system (it does not say which) that has made a DNS query of a suspicious domain and recomends running House Call to remove it but trend micro House Call will not run on my system becase it needs an earlier version of java and possiby does not like java ver 6. When I attempt to run house call it says java not installed or it does not like it. Java 6 is installed and active. Comodo anti virus does not detect a Bot. I noticed that Bit defender is recomended in another thread to remove malware so I am tried it but it does not detect a bot either.

I currently have Bit defender installed but not loading at startup

My query was to find if I can leave bit defender on my system to run on demand (that is not at the same time as comodo antivirus) or whether it is likley to cause problems.

Hi, Some details of my system

Vista home premium sp 1 and fully up to date with patches

Comodo antivirus and firewall fully up to date



A further update on the claim by trend micro “RUbotted” that I have a BOT on my system.

I have finally got Trend Micro house call to run on my system. They have just released House Call version 7 beta and this did run without problem. it found nothing! but RUbotted still reports that I have a bot. I hope this is a false alarm because now comodo av, Bit Defender and Housecall have found nothing.

Thanks to all who replied. If anything does turn up I will report back here


A Further comment by almu.

As a final comment, I found the delete log function in Rubotted and rubotted no longer reports that I have a Bot so the above manoevers have cleared the system.

Bit defender and the online version of House call have caused no problem with comodo anti virus and fire wall.