Is AVTest making joke

Avira is better than kaspersky on av comparatives. But on avtest kaspersky is the best. Any antivirus software didn’t protects 100%. I used avira. Comodo is better than it. And comodo has HIPS. Avira hasn’t it. Just comodo has auto-sandbox. How to test antiviruses on avtest. I can’t believe it. Everytime comodo is the best because it has auto sandbox and hips. It pretects us about 99%.
Avtest says comodo protects you 96%. But comodo has 4.5/6. Isn’t it very little. Can anybody expaiin it?

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Hello abrkackl,

Thank you for pointing out this grade as it is totally needs to be clarified with the methodology they use !

Sometimes they call auto-sandboxed files which have no digital signature as “false positive” and evaluate it as a negative protection grade, which actually is a nature of default deny technology.

Auto sandbox; which is the key for %100 protection for your PC, is checking the digital signatures and if there is no digital signature than it is automatically sandboxed. Users need to trust these applications manually, if you are sure that it is trusted. Once you rate this file as trusted, cis classifies it as trusted and you would have no problem.

We definetely provide you the best protection in the market :-TU

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You have to understand

1)how Legacy Antivirus products work
2)how Comodo Protection work
3)how Antivirus testing work

then it will all make sense :slight_smile:

I knew “Another antivirus has only blacklist.But comodo also has whitelist.If it on blacklist it moves to quarantine.If it is on whitelist COMODO doesn’t do anything.If it is not on any list it runs at auto-sandbox.” Isn’t it true. If it is not true ,I am sorry for I didn’t understand.

this explains the problem…

the problem is the “unknown” files…not the good or bad ones…

Hi Melih Bey,

Yes , definitely!

Thank you very much for this educational sharing. We need to learn , we need to understand. :-TU :-TU

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Use the proactive profile with all weapons on and you definitely have 100% protection. Default Deny is great, true protection :wink: :-TU
This tests only show the detection rate, not the protection so from the very first beginning is pointless IMHO. Only Matousec shows the reality(indeed it test the firewall and hips but definitely shows a different reality the real one)
@abrkackl I’m glad you opened your eyes and saw why we like Comodo. :-TU

Thanks. It explained the problem.

Thank you

to the point :-TU

Thank you RealNature !

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