Is AVG Anti-Virus on Comodo's safe list??

Hi all,

Just installed AVG Free. I assumed such a popular program would be on Comodo’s safe list, but I’ve gotten no fewer than a dozen popups as AVG tries to update itself (accessing registry keys, creating a new folder, etc etc etc). I choose to Allow and Remember programs like avgupd and avgui, but am getting so many Defense+ and Firewall alerts that it’s driving me nuts.

Complicating things, I’m trying to recommend AVG Free to friends, but the overwhelming popups are confusing the heck out of them.

Is AVG not on the safe list? ??? Any insight is much appreciated!

Try choosing “TRUSTED APPLICATION” if available when Pop-Ups comes out.


Hallo bmuse,

ATM one AVG Digital Certificate named “AVG Exploit Prevention Labs,Inc.” is bundled with CIS defaults

It looks like inclusion for “AVG Technologies” cert was already requested in Trusted Vendor List - SignUp but maybe the other one ( “AVG Exploit Prevention Labs,Inc.” ) was added instead. Probably none noticed that AVG got another certificate.

It would be possible to add also “AVG Technologies” to My Trusted Software Vendors list.

This way all past/forthcoming AVG executables signed by with AVG technologies Digital certificates will be trusted (Some vendors though do not sign all executable, thus your mileage may vary).

You can use D+\Common Tasks\My Trusted Software Vendors\Add button\Read from a signed Executable… function with AVG installer avg_free_stf_eu_90_716a1803.exe to add the other AVG certificate on your CIS setup.

Can you tell us what configuration you are using? Look under Miscellaneous → Manage My configurations → what configuration is active?

How are your settings for Defense + Settings (Defense + → Advanced) and Firewall Behaviour Settings (Firewall → Advanced)?

As Endymion stated you can try adding the digital signature of AVG to the My Trusted Software Vendors list (under Defense + → Common Tasks).

Does that help?