Is Avast loosing the Battle!!!!!!!!!!!

Today i visited the c net which is the default site for avast!. Every week they update the download status and I have seen that Avast and AVG remain at the top every week… But this week avast was not even at the top 20… and avg still at number 1… And i saw that comodo Internet security is in fifth place with 89 thousand downloads even when is not it default download site… and avast is in 4 Th place with 179 thousand downloads…

What do u think about this guys!!!?

Confusing. It is not in the top 20, but it is #4.

Congrats on Comodo CIS for being there with #5.

I meant 4 place in Av list not the regular download list…

According this old market report, this can be a headache for them. Here’s another report from 2011.