Is anyone else's Comodo not detecting malware in real time?

Mine only detects it now when scanning a file. This didn’t happen with the first Final release of 6. I am trying a test with this on my netbook now to see if this isn’t just my copy.

What antivirus are you running? What windows version etc.

Latest version of Comodo Internet Security so Comodo AV, Windows 7 64 bit SP1. When I run MBAM it scans the file and THEN Comodo detects it, but when I download the file nothing happens. Real time IS enabled. I tested with IECAR and STILL nothing on BOTH my netbook (Windows starter edition 32 bit SP1) and Laptop (Specs given above).

I just tried it and I can’t even download the files without getting a Comodo AV alert. Do you have AV alerts turned on and auto-quarantine disabled? With it set that way, I get a big alert box with the options to Quarantine or Ignore. With the alerts turned off and Auto-Quarantine active, I get a smaller popup that says that Malware has been blocked.

I tried with BOTH auto quarantine and have an alert pop up, nothing for either of them for real time. I have since switched back to Avast until I can see how to fix this problem.

I often find that re-installing programs usually fixes some of the problems 88) Perhaps it would work in your case? But then again, not everyone has the time to do a complete re-installation, just a suggestion though.

Tried that on the netbook, didn’t detect still :frowning:

Seems that in my testing it doesn’t detect it in the Comodo sandbox but it DOES it say sandboxie.

Comodo dragon stops the eicar upon download everytime for me…You will be genuinely surprised what the browser stops on its own. :-TU

IE9 will not permit the download of the Eicar files either, but I think it’s the AV detecting in the case of Dragon and not the browser.

I’m using Waterfox so there is no way of the browser to block said download. I’m just going by if the AV can detect it or not. I have it reinstalled on my laptop will try this again.

That seems to be a weakness of firefox and its clones is the download detection.I was using cyberfox and in comparison to dragon i discovered dragon was offering far better download protection and so i decided to stick with dragon.

I don’t care about a browser’s DL protection I am worried about why Comodo isn’t detecting malware in real time. I just tested again with EICAR and STILL nothing EVEN in sandboxie…had to do a scan to get it. :-TD

Thats odd because the av catches it when ive tried it.Have you set comodo to auto quarantine and are the alerts turned on.?

Comodo is set to auto block for the AV, not even an alert pops up! Notification messages is enabled. OK when I try to run it its detected but NOT when its downloaded. It does for some it seems but not others. Sometimes I have to run the file, other times it detects it right after download. I find this quite odd. Did more testing on the netbook, DL’d a malicious file in sandboxie got detected right after DL, downloaded the same file in the comodo virtual browser and NOTHING, ran it even, NOTHING.

This may not work either but it won’t hurt to try. Turn off real time scanning and the scanning enhancements by deselecting the boxes and then reboot. Then turn them back on and reboot again and see if the detection then works. I have done things like that in the past with other software and sometimes it works.

Ive just downloaded it within sandboxie and comodo detects it ok…Perhaps the av cannot “see” anything running in the comodo sandbox.
Just a thought.

That’s a very big flaw IMHO.

ok i can confirm that malware gets detected straightaway in sandboxie.But in the comodo virtual sandbox nothing happens.Ive just tried it again.
Maybe the av cant see anything in the comodo sandbox.It is contained but not being seen.

I believe this is a bug. Can you please create a bug report for it? Be sure to use the correct format.

Thank you.