is Anti Virus Dead? another interesting article.... supporting our position..

however, the author should be aware of Comodo and what it is doing…

Well, is AV dead?
the answer is NO.

as with any security, the days of AV being the first line of defense that we use has gone. However that does not mean that AV is dead.

we need 3 layers of security

like our houses, where we have
1)Doors - Prevention
2)Burglar alarm - Detection
3)insurance - Cure

todate, we have been using AVs as the only line of defense. Now we have CFP v3 which is meaty prevention tool, we will start seeing Prevention layer as the first line of defense against malware. If PCs were houses, then they would be houses with burglar alarms (that only detects certain burglars it knows) and no doors! I know, doesn’t make sense but that is what we do today! We only use AV as the security.

So what you will see in the market is now the education about this and new powerful tools like CFP v3 changing the landscape and make Prevention a reality.

Some doubters will say “but look everyone buys AV” so it must be good… the answer is: Cigarettes are big market too and they sell (unfortunately)! doesnt’ mean its good for you or the best solution out there!

So time has come to introduce “doors” into our PC Security Architecture! and we present you CFP v3 :slight_smile:



Well since no one has responded, here is my take on “Is Anti Virus Dead?.”

No, but the traditional AntiVirus is not quite as useful for complete computer protection as it once was. I believe it is much less necessary (hopefully). It’s standing in the scheme of user protection, has diminished. It is now realized by many users that AV’s are reactive by nature as opposed to being as proactive. This is not just how it has historically been perceived. AV’s will protect you has been the norm. As obvious as this may sound to some, AV’s do not do this effectively these days. I do not believe this opinion is the most prevalent one, however. Users still complain that their computer is (insert what ever) and my AV is up to date. How is this possible? Then many knowledgeable users, at this point , will offer a more robust AV to the AV maintainer. They do this possibly because the better AV’s now do more.

So, now that some users are maintaining their AV but their computer still runs like ■■■■ what do you tell them? Again, some may suggest that while it is good that they are using an AV; there are better options. Protection begins with… The user looks at them and thinks to themselves “this guy is an idiot” and correctly so, in many respects.

Changing tactics is usually difficult. This is the egg and chicken situation if I’ve ever seen it. Which comes first?

To address some of the other items you brought up, lets just say there is not yet a CFP v3, comparisons to houses, cars and now ciggs just don’t… well work, and if a reviewer does not know what COMODO is up to; may not be “their” fault.

Melih, I truly like the direction of cfp3alfa and wish continued success with it. My only hope is that cfp3final will suggest an answer for all pop ups correctly for me. Every time. Without exceptions. This is essential because I just do not know what the correct answer to any pop up question is. I figure I have a 50/50 chance of getting it correct at best. At least, all users, regardless of their knowledge level, all have that same % of answering all pop ups correctly. Do you know what I am trying to say? Somehow, a first time computer user needs to be protected and hopefully COMODO will fulfill their inexperienced needs.

So, AV’s are not dead until a “better” solution is available. One that takes all decisions away from all users. Until then, everyone needs an AV as well as possibly an AS and… But fortunately, “all” present solutions are covering more and more bases. They are all blended. They are covering more and different situations. I think of the ULTIMATE SOLUTION is the one that incorporates every aspect of prevention and cures; without any user input. HIPS, generally, in it’s present form is not adequate either. So AntiVirus protection is not dead. Not by a long shot. What do you think?

By the way, I hate suites. just kidding!!!

I would rather say that new ideas come up to secure computers rather than the death of AVs. When someone looks around the net, there’s still AVs of course and when that person looks deeper, he will find this “new” security softwares…

Eh… my point is the new era is adding up the security software line rather than killing signature-based anti-malware softwares. Till then signatures won’t die unless the OS can truly protect itself

Excellent Point! (:CLP)
I think you hit the nail on the head Melih; with introducing the ‘first’ in a 4 Layered line of defence: Education - Prevention - Detection - Cure.
I think we all would support the assertion that “the more educated one is in safe and responsible Internet surfing strategies, the less likely one is to contract an “ugly” from the Internet”.
Being educated on how a particular piece of Security Software can help in these strategies (CPF3) is a fundamental part of the whole “Education Strategy”. (R)
I would also add that the COMODO Forum is an excellent source of relevent and important information that only serves to strengthen ones Knowledge base about “uglys on the Internet” and the actions of others on how we as a ‘commuity’ are dealing with them on a day to day basis (:WIN) (:WIN)

Education is a good point wilpower. thank you.


I agree with Melih, you need three layers, and besides that, i wouldn’t get rid of AV technology if someone paid me a billion dollars (I might market it as smoething else but i’d still sell it.) besides that, some AV technology will stop an infected program or clean it as it goes along, it may also recognize the bugs as viruses thus eliminating the bugs in some software. If it doesn’t do anything then atleast it gives users a sense of security (false or true)

Yeah, if you wanna be most secured than 3 or 4 layer approach seems to be the best as Melih stated. However the proportion between adding another security layer and the percentage of security being raised consequently is not very big as stated by richard gizmo, and I believe that. A few percent maybe. And another issue is that when you use so many security layers it is inevitable for windows to becom sluggish, whether that are layers in one suite or divided. I do not wanna make my computer feel like cripple just to feel absolutely “safe” which I am not, unless I plug out internet cable. There needs to be a program that protect and does not slow down system. Maybe this is not an issue while using core2duo with lots of memory on xp, but if you have vista which have performance problems no matter howmanycore processor you have, than security becomes a pain. And at that point I rather have some spyware and faster computer, than no spyware and sluggish computer. I never make online payments and so I can not lose much valuable personal data. For example kaspersky, zonealarm etc make computer feel like it was pentium 3 not merom or conroe.
These are just my thoughts over security programs. I would like to have just a good firewall and reliable sandbox that would erase everything after shutting down my net browser.

Hi asker:
You make some interesting points, not least of which, is that there is a balance/trade off if you will… that has to be found with every persons individual needs and a particular softwares purpose and function. In other words , what one firewall provides in function, may be to much or not enough for one person but not another…and so on.
IMHO, I think with COMODO software, most people trade a ‘bit’ of speed and function for a ‘lot’ of SECURITY! (:CLP)
I have not found COMODO to be piggish on System Resources. (:KWL)

Wise words. On my laptop comodo firewall runs without slowdowns just defense+ bothers me a little. But I do not wanna dare to shut it down, cos they say it becomes more prone to leaks. Anyway I am fine with c.firewall and I am just waiting to find a reliable sandbox and than that would pretty much cover my needs for security. No av, no as, just firewall and sandbox, and I will be happy.
have a nice day