Is an older version of Symantec Endpoint Protection still good to use

One of my friends has a computer running Symantec Endpoint Protection version 11. They installed this back in 2009, as their University gave it to them for free. However, the University is no longer giving out free subscriptions to Symantec any more, and is now linking to MSE. Therefore, if I remove it I don’t think I can put it back on.

However, my friend still receives regular virus updates for Symantec, and thus they are not in a hurry to remove it. However, I am unsure about how useful this is, as I know that currently a lot of the detections for Symantec come from the file rating system, and not necessarily from signatures.

That brings up another issue, I don’t know enough about this product to know if it uses the file rating system. Can someone also let me know about that?

Please let me know what you think about leaving this on the system.

Thank you.

No its not good. Symantec/Norton signatures are not very good. The power of there latest product(s) is SONAR and version 11 does not have SONAR. Newer version of there endpoint protection have SONAR. Also rootkit detection is bad. v11 was released in 2007 i think so a very old engine. Avast free would be a better choice.

Thank you.