Is an alternative to BoClean needed if you are running Defense+

Hi, there is a lot of confusion on the techi forums over the demise of BoClean as a separate program, and whether a replacement is actually needed if you are running Comodo Firewall with Defense+ (when not using the complete Comodo CIS package but using your own desired AV program).

We realise that the BoClean updates finish today, but it will continue working albeit without the latest updates containing the latest threats.

There is confusion as to whether these two programs (BoClean and Defense+) do the same thing or are different.

Can anyone elaborate on this issue?



They do different things. BOClean is a signature based scanner, like an AV program, which scans memory access.

Defense + does not work with signatures but keeps an eye on what is happening under the hood and will notify when programs are trying to do things at system level. D + does not distinguish between the good and the bad; it distinguishes between levels of potential security risks. The final judgment is with the user’s common computer sense.

Having signature based detection, along with extensive whitelisting, will help to get less D+ alerts making life easier.

Also read this topic Why do you need AV if you have Default Deny Protection? it may help to understand CIS more in general.

Thanks Eric; I will pass the information on. :slight_smile: