Is a software firewall needed if I have a netgear madem router /DGN2000

I have used Comodo firewall for a few years and never had a problem with it, but as I have just installed a Netgear modem router model DGN2000 which states that it has a hardware firewall as well as a software one, is this enough, or do I keep Comodo firewall as well.
The reason I’m asking is, I don’t want to slow up my internet connection.

Thanks in advance guys, I look forward to your views on the subject.

hi mr.Hugo (:WAV)
hardware firewall = inbound protection
software firewall = inbound & outbound protection, with the exception windows XP firewall 88)

For my opinion Software firewall are very easy to update.

Thanks for replies guys, so I keep Comodo then. :slight_smile: