Is a modem a router? [RESOLVED]

i use ‘talktalk broadband’ and have a modem [ huwai - i think it is - smartax 882 ] I keep seeing references to “hardware firewall” and “routers”, just unsure if they are all one and the same . - if so , how do I find out if my 'Huwai smart ax ’ has it’s own firewall?
Sorry if the question seems obvious.

No a modem connects your pc to the internet. A router is a pass through like if you want to do sharing through other pc’s. My modem is a 2Wire Gateway DSL modem with a built in router system and hardware firewall. I can have up to 8 connections through my modem. All you have to do is go to the manufacturers site of your modem and look it up.

No. A modem is not a router. Just wanted to add my 2bits and make a quick explanation at the same time :slight_smile:

MODEM : Sends and receives the 1’s and 0’s across the wire and serves as an access point for your PC or Router to connect to (the name derives from it’s primary function, which is to MOdulate and DEModulate).
ROUTER : In all it’s basics, it makes sure your data-packets are sent to it’s proper destination. Also makes sure you get the receiving packets too.
FIREWALL : Guards your computer by looking at the inbound and outbound network traffic, and check against a list of what to permit and what to block/drop.

Thats the principal definition of the 3. Some manufacturers employ all-in-one packages, some don’t. Some use half-baked and poor solutions, and some go all-out. Be on the safe side and verify what you get :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply, believe it or not there isn’t much on the smart ax 882, I did try and find out if there was a manual , but it’s rarer than a chocolate tea pot!!

thanks to you both…

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