Is 3.5.54375.427 Safe Enough

Hi All,

I am running the firewall only and am running Avira free AV …

Do you think I can get rid of Avira and use Comodo’s AV, or should I wait ?

TYVM in advance for any input.

If you think you are confident with using D+ sure. If not, I would wait a few more months until COMODO builds up its database and catches up to the other AVs.


My bad…I would stay with Avira for now.

My Error…

I am running Defense + …

My husband put Avira on my machine, but…I was wanting to try CIS and I was just wanting to see if the AV was good enough.

I hope this helps

Thanks all

Well, like I said if you feel you are confident with answering D+ alerts you could try CIS.
If you feel safer with Avira keep it for now. COMODO database mainly lacks older malware samples but it is continuing to grow rapidly b/c of all the files submitted by users. CAVS should catch up to the other big AVs in a few months.


No Antivirus will catch every malware out there under the sun, It’s simply impossible for 100% detection. IMO, If you have a basic understand Defense+, Know how to answer Alerts, full CIS will be just fine, with great surfing habits. :slight_smile:

It’s all up to you though.


That indicator has been added to the wishlist a couple of times (I also would like to see this feature, an am one of the requesters on the wishlist).

Avira is your best bet at the moment.

I agree with you, but I am trying Cavs because it doesn’t exclude spyware , I am not too worried about catching a virus, but I do care about spyware and or adware.

And besides, I believe there is a tread here somewhere that states if you have Comodo’s Fw with defense + , do you really need a Anti Virus?

Wouldn’t just adding BOClean with CIS be a good solution for now?

Thanks. I have used BOClean and it ran all right so maybe I’ll give it another go. Take care.