Is 1 intrusion attempt per second abnormal?

for around a week comodo firewall has been blocking 1 intrusion attempt per second…which is slightly concerning…
my fireall is set up to allow my browser and u torrent also.

Any info on this is very apreciated


Hello, and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Could you please post your firewall event log? Just click the intrusion attempts number on the summary tab, then click more, once the log opens, click file, then export to HTML.


Hello and thanku.
Geting the following error message

log 1.htm.
You cannot upload that type of file. The only allowed extensions are txt,doc,pdf,jpg,gif,mpg,png,zip,mp3,rar,jpeg,xls,sdb,md5.

hi converted to notepad

also my web browser has 12 outbound connections…(firefox)…havnt noticed that b4 either is that normal?im only connected to this webpage…with no other programs running


I’m not sure what to think, other than these are true attempts. The IPs in the file belong to many different countries, some being England, Brazil, U.S., New Zealand, etc…

To answer your original question, no this is not normal. Comodo is blocking these, so you are safe, however you should scan for malware, you may have some malicious files on your PC which these IPs are trying to connect with.

This is strange, I’ve never seen so many IPs from different regions trying to connect with you at the same time and most with the “Windows Operating System”.

As to answer your Firefox question, with this being my only page opened, I have 2, are you on other pages in separate tabs?

Hi and thanks for your advise

fireox has 1 tab open…
and as for malware…i have scanned lastnite with comodo av.malware bytes.superantispyware…nothing was found and all programs up to date


all my blocks are usually windows operating system…does this basically mean that alot of people are trying to gain acess to my pc.?

It could, but before we come to that conclusion I’ve told the other mods about this (most more knowledgeable than I am) and they will look. I’d rather a second opinion before we come to a conclusion.


ok :-TU

OK.lastnite i had around 4000 blocked ips.

do you mean use a proxy to hide my ip?

only thing i can think of is service providers …being nosey at downloads…although im not a heavy downloader…so shouldnt think it would be that.

in responce to m00nbl00d edit.

dshield is usedd in peerguradian to block known hackers ips…

got hijack this already…will post log shortly


hijack this log=

also can some1 post a reliable link to download java for online viurus scan…as previuosly been infected by a java download link.

nice 1 :wink:

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sorry 4get that comment about a java link…being paranoid…lol

I removed your firewall log to help protect your IP.


now running online virus check with kapersky

ok following yr adise and re posting.

ill look that file up in a mo…see if i can find anything…
thanks again

lol ok