IRP MJ CREATE (atapi) MBR virus/rootkit remove???

so my hd has been really overfilled and i finally got a backup and backed up important data then i formatted it and reinstalled windows.

well, im noticing that mysteriously my hd is just eating up space and it also reads constantly. (just subtle read/write/readwrite).

as i said i just did a format, so that is why im noticing it. when i do a regular scan in comodo and in CCE it does not find anything. even at full reboot. using tdskiller does not find anything either… the only scan i seem to be able to get a result on is avast aswMBR standalone.

the entire threat reads : \Driver\atapi [0xfffffa8006107440] → IRP_MJ_CREATE → 0xfffffa8005fea2c0

when i click fixMBR after that, it says its fixed. but if i scan in another few minutes or a reboot, it comes back. how can i rid myself of this infection? ive read people say its best to just throw the hard drive out. is that really true? so my new one is ruined too then? ugh. what do i do? im willing to follow any steps i keep looking around the web and trying a bunch of different peoples suggestions which lead me to downloading more and more bootkit rootkit malware scanners which arent seeming to find anything. :confused:

Just thinking out loud. May be it is a false positive of Avast? Please consult the Avast forums for this.

When you say your hd is eating up space what do you mean? Can you explain in more detail what you are witnessing?

Please use Crystal Disk Info or Speedfan to read th SMART parameters of your hard drive to see if it is in a healthy hardware state or not. Is this an internal or external drive? What interface is used to access the drive? USB, SATA or IDE?