Ironkey will not run with Comodo Firewall

I bought an encrypted USB thumb drive called Ironkey. It will not work unless I disable CFW Network Defense and Proactive Defense, then it launches the Ironkey security login. Otherwise I get nothing at all or an error window about application failure.

Text from my tech support request to Ironkey:

Your comment:
I run Comodo Firewall 3.0.20 on PC, Ironkey will not fire up unless I disable Comodo FW. I have added Ironkey.exe as a trusted application but no joy.

We haven’t officially tested Comodo Firewall. We are aware of your issue, and Comodo Firewall has been added to our current testing Matrix for QA. You may also want to file a support request or bug with Comodo, explaining the troubles you’ve experienced using their product and the IronKey. They may have a work around to help fix your issue.

Thank You,
IronKey Support (Solutions & Troubleshooter)