Irfanview plugs put in quarantine

Hi folks,
When I scan Irfanviews plugs (collection of all plugins for the image viewer “Irfanview”, latest version 4.35) it’s reported as clean, but when I copy the file to an USB-stick it’s sent to quarantine.
Any ideas?

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Please follow 1 of these 3 ways so it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

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Erik M.

Couldn’t send the file with option 1 (maybe it was the 10Mb limit)
So… Name is Packed.Win32.MUPX.Gen@129019204
don’t know where to find the CIS No.


You can send the file to VirusTotal so that analysts will have hash value.

The AV database no. can be seen from the GUI, Choose Help then About, this will show the info required.

Just use option 2 and provide a url for the installer of Irvan View. This is most likely a false positive detection.

I’ve got the exact same problem. Comodo quarantines the plugins file when I try to transfer it to a usb stick. I tried to submit it but comodo says its too big.

No fix yet?

Hello ruthless cur,

If possible please give us more details, like the version of your CIS and version of database. Also try to upload the detected file to any file sharing website and give us the link.

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