IRC DCC Transfers

I’ve tried setting the IRC application to trusted, allowing all ports, etc. But I cannot send or receive any files unless the firewall is shut down.

What’s wrong with this?


What do you mean when you say it works if the firewall is “shut down”?


PS: If the only rules you have addressed for the IRC client are in Application Monitor, you are probably being blocked by Network Monitor.

I mean I completely turn the firewall off. Shutting it down, whatever you would like to call it. :slight_smile:

I would assume when you say an application is trusted that it would work no matter what other settings may say.

irc uses ports 6667 and 10050-10070. What network rules would need to be allowed?

There’s a tutorial here:;msg45539#msg45539
discussing mIRC/DC++ configuration and rules. There’s some info there you’ll probably need.

Basically, in IRC, you need to disable the “random ports” option, and specify a range (a tight range) to use. This is for security.

Then, as per pandlouk’s tutorial, you need to create Inbound rules in Network Monitor to allow these Inbound connection to those Destination Ports. These must be listed before any rule that would block the inbound connection (such as the very last, Block & Log All IP rule).

With CFP, just creating Application Rules is not sufficient; there have to be Network Monitor rules to Allow the given type of connection. With IRC, p2p, etc you have to create Inbound rules to accept the necessary connections. Since you’re opening up the firewall on those ports (whenever that application is actively running) you want to limit the ports being used; you also cannot use random/upnp port selection, as these cannot be defined within the FW in a way that will offer the greatest security.