ipv6 and icmpv6 support

hi,i would know an information:when the ipv6 and icmpv6 protocol will be support edin comodo firewall?
at this address(ok,may not be a precise value but is evident that the availability of ipv4 is destinated to the end) http://www.ipv4countdown.com/

description of ipv6: IPv6 - Wikipedia
description of icmpv6: ICMPv6 - Wikipedia

approximately when this protocol will be supported?my opinion is that is better start the suppot them soon as possible…so ,when will be used as a standard comodo will be already ready to manage this type of packets without problem

Current ICMPv6 implementation in COMODO for Neighbor Discovery protocol (Neighbor Solicitation, Router Advertisement, etc.) is very buggy because cause asking pop-up for completely random running processes, most of them are standalone and never use any IP protocol. See this thread for more info:

As I know, IPv6 is supported by Comodo. Don’t forget enable checkbox Enable IPv6 filtering in Firewall settings.

As for ICMPv6 it is also supported but we can’t choose different types and codes of messages for filtering. And I join your wish only in this meaning.