:-\ it is a vey long time that I first time asked for CFP compatibility with VPN but I never get an answer.

Hello Zombie,

Can you please tell me what your problem (is/was) with VPN ?
I’m running a IPSec vpn without any problem from way back on the “old” 3.5 CFP, is it firewall or D+ related ?

:-\ during the shutdown process system (XPProSP3) reports memory conflict for IreIKE.exe (SafeNet VPN), possible firewall (CIS latest ver.) conflict also.

Have you tried to shutdown the system with both Firewall and D+ set to Training mode to see if that resolves the issue ?

yes, and everything related to ireike.exe assigned as trusted etc. etc. etc…

Can you put the Firewall to Disabled, D+ to Disabled, and also set “permanently disable D+” on it’s settings tab.
Restart and see if everything is fine then ? See if it’s having some sort of driver/hooking problem…